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I just hit a "revision" roadblock. What to do? Watch

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    I've been studying for my Linguistics exam (which is in one month ) for over a week now.
    I'm really bad at Linguistics so I have to learn/review years' worth of information which just makes it more complicated for me.
    I'm slowly catching up but today I wasted over 2 hours working on/making revision notes out of a past paper that's much too difficult for me.
    I didn't realize this right away--I thought I'd be okay since I'm only studying the first question, which is the easiest one.

    I did study the course a bit before looking at past papers, but I feel like I don't have enough time to study all of the classes I didn't understand. Right now, my goal is to get a D (or maybe a C) as I know I can't get much more.
    It'd be a big improvement over the F's I keep getting!

    Anyway, I thought I had this first question down but it looks like I still need to work on it. Linguistics analysis is a four-part commentary in my country and I don't have time to study the four parts.

    Do you think I should change my methods? It does take me over an hour to write one lousy revision card but I like my cards neatly written and colorful.
    Here's a card I made (I'm only showing one side of the card because all my cards are the same, I write one question then the answer. If I want to quiz myself I hide the answer and look at the question):
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    Should I start studying the textbooks again? Should I learn some past papers by heart and hope to get a similar question on the exam? I doubt this method would work unless I learn a lot of them but I'd say it's worth a try since I'm desperate...

    It seems like nothing's going in anymore. Any advice is welcome!

    I think you spend a long time making the flash cards because you make them all pretty looking. I use exactly the same flash cards as you but just use black and red ink, the contrast between the colours makes things bold looking anyway. I used to make mind really colourful too but found it just wasted time and I couldn't really be bothered anymore making them look attractive so if you spent less time making them attractive, then you'll have more time revise with them.

    I agree with above, also I don't know if you just write all curly like that all the time but it must take forever. Plus it's not very clear to read at all. I'd scrap the revision cards and maybe try mind maps, it's easier to make them 'pretty' by using different colours but you can also put more information into them more quickly.
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    Thank you very much for the answers.
    Yes, I write like that all the time. Sometimes I mix in a tiny bit of cursive (mainly for the letters s and p) but that's it.
    I actually like reading revision cards better than textbooks, plus since I select only a tiny bit of information from the book it'd take me forever to look for the passages I want to study each time I revise.

    Magenta96 I think you're right, now I use 3 or 4 colors, they still look pretty but I waste less time.
    I made 2 cards in an hour instead of 1 card only, which is great!
    I just hope I'll like studying with them once I'm done making them. If not, I can always underline passages afterwards.

    infairverona, I have never tried mind maps. Could you give me some advice to make some good ones?
    I think I could come up with something on modals and tenses, with the modal/ tense in the center of the mind map and branches all around.
    can -> can+-ed (/ preterite) = could
    -> can+ 0= present (etc...)
    Of course these are just facts I have to memorize, but it'd still be useful.

    Your writing is pretty cool

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    Thanks, sorry for the late reply.
    I was watching over 50 threads and since I'm new I didn't know how to delete them.
    I ended up writing somewhat less neatly and saved some time that way.
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