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Cancer: Why we're still dying to know the truth? Watch

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    I posted on the 'The cancer chat thread' information that I think people ought to hear whether they like it or not, because it is beneficial. But it was obviously too controversial for the thread, hence it lead to me being banned from it. So I have decided to open a new thread for people that are willing to discuss cancer, cancer treatments, and anything related to the disease openly. No matter the views.

    What is your opinion on cancer and why it is so prevalent? And how effective do you actually consider cancer treatment to be? Do you know anybody that is suffering from or has died from cancer?

    This was my initial message that lead to me being banned:
    People are probably going to label me as a 'quack' or ridicule me before even considering and researching what I am about to say, but I am going to say it anyway.

    Cancer is a curable disease. It is not all doom and gloom. But the cure for cancer is NOT chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

    Those allopathic treatments seldom provides a cure for cancer patients. The medical industry has altered the term 'cure' for cancer to mean just 5 years. Hence, if you have cancer and have allopathic treatment and survive 5 years, they'd consider you cured of the disease, but you may then die of cancer the following year.

    A lot of patient are unaware of this.

    The sad truth of the matter is, cancer survival statistics has not changed since the 60's. Cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease. And the current cancer prevalence rate is 1 in 3 people are likely to catch cancer. Which is likely to increase.

    They are all facts.

    The current cancer treatments are clearly an epic fail. They DO NOT cure cancer.

    Why are they still being used? Money. Cancer is a big business for pharmaceutical corporations and the medical industry. More people are making a living off of the disease than people suffering from it. It is as simple as that. Today nearly everybody knows somebody that has/had cancer.

    So what is causing this widespread prevalence of cancer?

    Medical Doctors would tell you it's your genes i.e. hereditary, old age, and environmental factors.

    But the truth is only about 2% of cancers are caused as a result of genes. As for environmental factors, there are various factors that may contribute to the the cause of cancer, but the most important factor which is hardly if at all emphasized on by physicians is our eating habits and lifestyle.

    Cancer is a chronic disease. It is a disease whereby your body is warning you that it is in a toxic state and is at the cellular level malnourished. It is your body warning you that it has been abused for far too long.

    Straight away when your diagnosed with cancer the Doctor wants to hasten surgery to remove the tumours or even body organs. So people would have their breast, liver, kidney, prostates, limbs etc. cut out. And then chemotherapy may be prescribed to kill of any remaining cancer cells. But then what usually happens a year or so later the cancer is found elsewhere in the body. And the Doctor just uses the same methods that failed the first time round to try to treat the cancer again.

    What people need to understand is that the allopathic treatment is only focusing on the symptoms (i.e. tumour) and not the cause of the disease. This is why in majority of cases the cancer always returns. Because the doctors are just so obsessed with attacking the tumour rather than what caused the tumour to begin with in the first place. This is why all the methods they use, if you manage to survive them, they are only good enough to delay the onset of cancer for about a few years, before eventually the cancer spreads with a vengeance beyond their control and they just then admit you're 'terminal' as they have nothing left in their arsenal of drugs to give you that would help delay it any further.

    The importance of diet and cancer:

    Did you know cancer thrives off of glucose i.e. sugars? And that they require an acidic environment to grow i.e. an oxygen-poor environment?

    Look at these simple facts. But the Doctor doesn't warn the cancer patients about how important it is to change the way they eat. Maybe because they don't know, as they are not nutritionist rather allopaths.

    So cancer patients would continue to eat processed foods, inorganic foods, refined foods etc. all of which has no nutritional value for the body and are saturated with salts, sugars, hydrogenated fats all of which causes an acidic environment in the body.

    We are eating food that has no minerals, vitamins, essential fats, wholesome goodness in it. And some people have been eating like this for decades. And then we wonder why we suffer from all sorts of chronic diseases? Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, chronic fatigue etc.
    And cancer which is the ultimate warning of your body fighting for survival from being in a malnourished toxic state.

    And then what does the allopath do?
    Give you chemotherapy. They further toxicate the body, killing all your good cells such as your immune cells which is very much needed in the fight against cancer. A cancer patient MUST detoxify the body NOT add more toxicity into their body.

    Surgery is a grand opportunity for the spread of cancer throughout the bloodstream. Plus it further suppresses the immune system. And it is ridiculous to have organs eviscerated because of cancer, as those organs are not the cause of cancer.

    I cancer patient must educate themselves. And not just rely on the allopathic Doctor, because eventually they would most likely end up killing you.

    A cancer patient needs to change their eating habits and eat foods that is alkalizing on the body. Avoid foods that the cancer needs to thrive on. Ensure that you consume food with vitamins, minerals, have further supplementation. Detoxify your body, clean your intestines, organ cleanses etc. Avoid animal proteins at all cost, especially milk, as if you have cancer one Doctor described the drinking of milk with cancer as pouring gasoline on fire. Do exercise, to oxygenate the body. Avoid stress. And be optimistic.

    What I have mentioned is just preliminary points. The list is extensive, and learning nutrition is a science within itself.

    But everybody has the right to know this information that cancer can be cured 100% (not just for 5 years) through changing your eating habits and lifestyle. If you provide the necessary conditions your body would heal itself, and the mutated tumour cells would starve and shrink naturally. There are also many natural substances that should be consumed that are potent anti-tumour and will help your immune system fight the tumour during the healing of your body.

    Many people has chosen the unconventional route to treat cancer; and have been successful. I advise you to read their books.

    I never knew any better until one of my relatives got cancer and I started researching the disease and I was shocked as to what I found, such as how alternative cancer treatments have been suppressed by the medical corporations because they cannot be patented, despite how successful they were. I became disillusioned as to what medicine has become. Yes it is has it's benefits (and all Doctors are not to blame, many of them just know what they have been taught at medical school and are non the wiser) but you need to know when to draw the line. And you would only know this if you educate yourself, because cancer can be 100% prevented and 100% cured in most cases.

    A good documentary to watch:
    Healing cancer from inside out by Mike Anderson

    Cancer: Why we're still dying to know the truth by Phillip Day
    Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson

    Hi, you are not banned from the thread your post was simply removed. Suggesting alternative treatments is fine but what you are doing is actually amazingly dangerous. I am only going to reply to a few brief sections to disprove your answer.

    Your wild assertions that chemotherapy does not work is astonishing, that is utter rubbish. Chemo works for large numbers of people and you provide no statistical evidence to suggest otherwise except it "makes pharmaceutical companies money."

    Your body is warning you that you have a tumor and the effects that has on your body, not that your cells are malnourished?

    Do you realise the reason they cut it out if possible is cancer spreads and removing it can potentially stop the spread? They are not cutting you open because they have nothing better to do.

    Are you aware it is extremely rare for the bodies immune system to be anywhere near strong enough to kill an entire cancer (regardless of what you eat)? Chemo is stronger and yes hits your immune system but has a far greater chance of damaging your cancer in the process.

    Eating well is one of the thing's you are advised to do along with your standard cancer treatment and probably does affect the outcome to a small degree but to tell people to not have chemo or surgery when a qualified doctor has advised it is at best dangerous, and worst damn right stupidity. If you actually want to write a piece that is more balanced with statistics and evidence to back up your points then I won't lock it but what are you are implying here could kill someone.
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