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    I'll try and keep this as brief as i can. Basically, last year i lost my virginity and since then I've suffered from PE. I'm fortunate enough to have a girlfriend who tells me that it doesn't matter and she loves me regardless, but I still feel bad that I can't last long.

    I went to the doctors and they told me it just gets better with age, but there are many things online that can help me. So, I've looked online and tried loads of things; tried trying to make masturbation longer, masturbating before sex, thinking of weird things during sex, focusing on my breathing etc. None of these have seemed to work, and I still last barely a few minutes if I'm lucky.
    I have also tried kegels, but I can't seem to find them except for only when i urinate. And with kegels, how do you use them during sex i.e. when youre about to ejaculate?

    It's got so bad recently that I've also started to have difficulty achieving a full erection as I keep worrying that I'll come too quickly

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    An ex of mine had this problem (that's not why he's an ex, though ). What he used to to during sex was to pull out when he felt close and do something else instead - like heavy petting, oral, what ever. Sounds weird but when you're in the heat of the moment, you hardly even notice! He said eventually he got used to it and needed to do this less often.
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    The basic idea is that you become aware of when you're about to come, so you can do something to delay it if you want to.

    Have a look for whichever is cheaper of Men and Sex or The New Male Sexuality (second edition of the first one) by Bernie Zilbergeld - they have the best approach I have seen anywhere to a host of issues, including this one.

    Oh, avoid 'delay condoms' like the plague - they have an anaesthetic so that you can't feel anything / much.

    You say you last barely a few minutes?

    If it is any consolation, Uberfacts says this:
    "75% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of penetration in at least half of their sexual encounters."

    There is a squeezing method where you squeeze around the base and front of base thats supposed to help premature ejaculation, you could look into that?

    This is a surprisingly common problem, and almost always is psychological. Are you stressed? Anxious? Relationship problems? These would need to be dealt with foremost. It is also related to being unable to control the orgasm and being 'unaware' of what's going on downstairs - rather focussing on what's in your head. The general advice would be to try these things:

    Masturbation with focus - not on something else, but rather the sensations down below, so that you become more aware and in control of them. Also, breathe deeply during sex, especially when you are close to climax.

    Kegel Exercises - not to be used duing sex per se, but it increases the blood flow to that area if you do them regularly and means your brain is more aware of what's happening, putting you in more control.

    Pull out and smack the tip hard or visualize clowns.

    This always worked for my bf.
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