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Am I doing enough to lose some weight? Watch

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    I'm not exactly fat, but fatter than I want to be. I want a flat stomach and overall to be thinner. I have a bit of flab I want to get rid of.
    My diet before wasn't great but a few days ago I cut out the crap and I've been okay doing it for 4 days so far.

    For breakfast I have cereal with milk and orange juice (sometimes plus an apple), lunch is usually just a sandwich, sometimes with crisps. Then my mum cooks something for dinner but it's home made and pretty healthy.

    I'm going to have desert twice a week (or something equivalent) because cutting it out completely would be depressing aha. Though compared to my old eating habits (chocolate, always drinking coke and over eating) my diet now is really different.

    Exercise-wise, 5 days a week I have a brisk walk to and from school which is half an hour there and half an hour back. So that's an hour each day of low intensity cardio 5 days a week? I'm just wondering whether I'm doing enough to lose some weight off my stomach and legs (yeah I know you can't stop reduce). I think I can maintain this if I get a treat twice a week, for example a bar of chocolate or caaaake. How long until I notice results?

    Hey, this may be a long post due to my excellent procrastination skills and my experience on this topic.
    First of all, you didn't give me any numbers so I can't really tell you about how long/how you'll lose weight but I'll proceed to jabber on.
    I would say step one, make a goal! You need a goal to stay focused. Weigh yourself or measure your waist/body parts and set a goal you want to down to. Or you could even buy smaller clothes and make it your aim to fit in them. Whatever your fancy!

    On the 'diet' side.. if you're really serious about it, I wouldn't call it a diet. Diet implies that it's a fast fad thing that you do, get skinny and then go back to 'normal' eating. Try and think of you changing your meals as a lifestyle change, a healthier you. Secondly, generally you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Some people cut calories (I did when I lost weight, not to an extreme though) or some people just eat more healthily (which generally is probably less calories than what you were eating before) and exercise to lose weight. I'm going to assume you're just changing your diet.

    Your diet sounds fine but things I would suggest are to eat cereals that are healthy/high in fibre like oatmeal and branflakes rather than cereals like cornflakes or cheerios. For your lunch, personally, when I was losing weight I avoided bread like the plague but everyone is different. If you want to eat bread make sure it's wholemeal/wholewheat bread and has healthy toppings. Avoid butter or things like nutella. Maybe chicken and salad is an option. If you *can* avoid bread eat things like meat with salad or soups. If you really want to eat crisps, eat healthy alternatives like weight watchers, walkers sunbites or snack-a-jacks. Can't really say anything about your dinner because it's quite vague!

    On the exercise part, that's all good but if you're been doing that for a long time/it's your normal routine you may want to change it up. I would suggest you add higher cardio in there e.g. jogging twice a week. Personally I went to the gym and done cardio exercises 6-7 days a week but you don't have to work out that much. If you get used to 2 days a week you might want to increase it to 3, 4, 5 days a week gradually. You'll see faster results. The higher intensity of your exercise, the more calories you'll burn = the more weight you'll lose as long as your diet is in check.

    -You can't lose weight off specific parts of your body, you have to lose weight everywhere. If you want to lose flab you need to lose weight everywhere and then do (or whilst) toning exercises.
    -'Cutting the crap' is important. I cut out all fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolates, sweets etc as well as white starch foods like white pasta, rice, bread etc.
    *I lose 1st within a month without exercise as an indicator of that change
    -Losing weight takes time and effort, you wont see results very quickly. Generally if you stick to what you're doing you'll see results in 4 - 6 weeks and if you're not that probably means you're doing something wrong.
    - For the treat, most people have a cheat meal. A snack/a meal that's of their craving etc then go back to eating a healthy balanced diet. Just make sure you don't go crazy like eating a whole mcdonalds meal and you should be fine.

    I hope this wasn't too long, boring and unhelpful but that's my advice/ideas! I lost 2 stone last year so that's why I provide this personal tips. Please don't hold me accountable though, I'm not a doctor or a dietitian Good luck!

    If you want seriously flat stomachs then you have to stop eating sweet and Junk food and most important coke and soda...

    Work out your TDEE (Total daily expenditure, how many calories your body is using up per day). Take away 500 calories for a calorific deficit per day for a healthy 1lb a week weight loss. Weight loss is all about eating less calories than your using, however your macro nutrients + micro nutrients and exercise will decide how your weight loss will affect your body compisition.

    (Original post by Dhaden)
    Work out your TDEE (Total daily expenditure, how many calories your body is using up per day). Take away 500 calories for a calorific deficit per day for a healthy 1lb a week weight loss. Weight loss is all about eating less calories than your using, however your macro nutrients + micro nutrients and exercise will decide how your weight loss will affect your body compisition.
    OP follow this advice, the rest is rubbish.

    (Original post by Wulf chan)
    Am I doing enough to lose some weight?
    Well, are you losing weight? That may not sound very helpful, but in all honesty the worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight is not bother to record your progress. How're you going to know if you're succeeding if you don't?

    As someone else said, losing weight is mainly about calories in calories out; anything else is just fiddling 'round the edges. Eating "healthily" in itself will have no effect on your weight. It may be that eating healthily causes you to lose weight, but that'll only be because it results in you consuming less energy than you expend.

    Anyway, however you choose to lose weight, you need to record your progress. Here's how to do it:
    -weigh yourself in the same bodily state all the time i.e. always before or always after you go to the toilet
    -weigh yourself in the same amount of clothes e.g. just underwear/pajamas
    -weigh yourself at the same time (preferably as soon as you wake up in the morning)
    -weigh yourself as often as possible (up to a max of once/day)

    Do not be tempted to see that your weight on the scales has gone down by 1lb on one day and think that you must've lost weight - "random" fluctuations can result in apparent changes far greater than that. Similarly, don't lose heart if you appear to have gained weight on a day or two - you may not have! Instead, look at the general trend of your weight over an extended time. If you have the patience, I highly recommend plotting a quick graph in something like MS excel or SPSS as it will be able to tell you the rate of weight loss that is statistically most likely if you also plot a trendline. Here's an example from when I was losing weight a while ago:

    Name:  Untitled.png
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    If we look at the first set of data points, excel tells me that I was losing weight at approximately 0.063kg/day over that period of time. If that was too slow for me, then I'd decrease my calories and see how my weight loss went over the next few weeks. If too fast, then I'd increase.

    So, here's what I recommend you do:
    -record your weight loss on your "healthy" diet for a few weeks
    -after that time, assess whether it has been satisfactory
    -if so, then repeat the same cycle
    -if not, then start counting calories at about 12-13 calories per lb bodyweight
    -do this for a few weeks and assess whether your weight loss has been satisfactory
    -if so, then continue at that no. of calories
    -if not, then drop the calories by 200-300
    -rinse and repeat as necessary

    For most people it's pretty much impossible not to lose weight when following these few steps.

    I'm in the same boat as you, but eating junk food is a 100000% no for me, but if I do I double my workout for that day to burn it off. My normal workout is 100 push Ups, 100 sit Ups, walking to and from school and 300-500 reps on the rowing machine . Although I can say you can eat a big breakfast, I mean a very big one if it stops you snacking as what you eat at breakfast will be burnt of during the day, of course this means a small dinner because your less active. Lastly increase your workout after some time because your body will get use to your current workout
    Hope this helps

    (Original post by Wulf chan)
    This is really much simpler than everyone else here is making out.

    The fact is nobody is going to be able to tell you if you will lose weight on your current routine but that isn't a problem. All you need to do is this:

    - Try it for a few weeks and see what happens.
    - If you have lost a bit of weight then carry on
    - If you have lost too much weight and/or feel lethargic then eat a bit more
    - If you haven't lost any weight then eat a bit less

    It is that simple. All you need to do is get an awareness of how much you eat (which is exactly what you are doing by setting a plan) and then you just stick to it for a few weeks and adjust it based on your results.

    You can get more obsessive and go into more detail if you like but really, that level of detail is probably only worth going into if you are really lean already and are trying to get totally ripped. Most young guys are going to get into decent shape by very simply sticking to mostly decent meals and getting into some form of sports.

    That is what you need to do to lose a bit of weight. However, if you want to get in better shape, you would be advised to do some more vigorous exercise too. A lot of people will recommend weight lifting but if that isn't your bag, even a sport which is a bit more physical than just walking would do some good. This could be swimming, climbing, boxing/martial arts, rugby etc. Just whatever you enjoy enough to stick to for a decent amount of time.
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