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    Okay so, I have this thing for this girl. At a party I told her I would like to travel with her (she said yes) and I was generally close with her on the night.

    I don't know whether she likes me back or not, but when I left in the morning she gave me a hug... (reading too deep?)

    Anyway, I've been Facebook stalking her a little (who doesn't?) and she writes statuses mostly about wanting "cuddles" or general romantic things about wanting someone - pronoun she uses is "you". She is also in the top 8 when I look at my Friends - which I heard is a sign of them being the ones who click on your profile the most.

    The thing is, am I reading too much into the potential of a relationship? I want to ask her on a date to a music festival (that's another thing, who buys? its like 15quid). But I want to be sure its me she is talking about. She doesn't seem to have any other close male friends. The statuses she writes are so loving too... I can't believe anyone can love old me that much.

    So, love or not?
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    The best way is to Just ask her out on a date, if she agrees take it from there, if she rejects you, you would have saved time and all your trouble and wondering. I have told someone my feelings before and been rejected, and honestly I never regretted it, because at least I asked. Go for it! Good Luck

    Hey mate, before you ask her out, see if you can chat to her for a bit on fb. Asking her out to a music festival may be a bit out of the blue. To soften the blow, its best you get some conversation going before that. Lead into it a bit more smoothly .... ask her how she is, how work/uni is going, what she likes doing in her free time, what her favourite music is .... then say my favourite music is ...... and then say there's a really cool music festival coming up, it would be awesome if we could go together, would you like to go with me to this? Much softer and smoother lead up to the question!

    I think fb messages and statuses can be interpreted the wrong way sometimes, not always. Not sure in this case. Best way would be to start chatting to her. Then she'd get to know you a bit first.

    I really think you're reading too much into it.

    Try not to complicate things and jut keep it simple. If you want to get to know her better than send her a message.

    1) Was she drunk? Because people agree to and talk a whole load of **** when they are drunk
    2) A hug isn't exactly intimate in todays society. I hug all my friends male and female. If she's the kind of girl that facebooks about wanting cuddles, then she probably the kind of girl that does hug people as away of saying hello/goodbye
    3) I don't think that thing about the top 8 is true at all, I think its the people that you interact with the most, so like talk to on chat, or comment on statuses and looking at each others walls. So she could be there because you look at her wall.
    4) It's £15 and if you're asking her and you want it to seem like a date then you should pay, otherwise she might just think it's as friends.
    5) I wouldn't say she loves you

    Saying all this though if I was you I would try and talk to her and get to know her better as you never know what could happen.
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