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Do you have mind mapping and rote learning tips for me? watch

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    I've made 13 revision cards for my Linguistics exam so far. I need to do many more, especially some that are more centered around the actual content of the course (not just past paper drilling).

    While I managed to memorize some facts already, there are some things that "just won't stick".
    What should I do? I'm a bit shy about reviewing my cards out loud...

    Also, someone suggested I make mind maps but I don't know how to do some that are actually good.
    All I have is a pack of 12 stabilo point 88 pens (I'm going to buy the one that has 25 colors during study leave to keep me motivated ) and a bunch of cards.

    The thing is, I can't really draw pictures for a grammar/linguistics course... or maybe I could associate basic pictures with concepts? I don't know if this would work. Like drawing a ship near modals as a mnemonics.

    Should I use an A4 piece of paper for mind-mapping? I think a card would be too small, but paper is less sturdy than cardboard.

    Thank you very much!

    For my exams I didn't find revision cards useful, but I did make a lot of mind maps. You don't have to draw pictures or anything, I just put a main topic/section etc in the middle of the paper (A4) and drew a bubble around it with lots of 'branches' coming off it. Each branch would be a different colour with a smaller heading at the end of it and then I made bullet points under each heading. It's an easy way for people to test you too
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    Thank you for your advice!
    Do you think I should make mind maps out of the 15 revision cards I've written so far?
    Also, I'm looking for advice to rote learn facts such as "this is an auxiliary" or "this is a preposition"...
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