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    Hey TSR, I am writing a 3000 word essay about How Fashion and Science are indelibly linked. I am not a very good writer I must admit, but I still want to try to produce something worth reading.

    Below is my introduction, could I get feedback please? I really want to it be well written, so all constructive criticism is welcomed with open arms. It would mean a lot if you could, thanks

    Science: the mother nature of Fashion

    Fashion is merely a style in clothes, cosmetics and behaviour. Whereas Science stands in more general terms as; the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe. At first, overt it may be, that there is absolutely no correlation between the two. However, science and all of its complexities are responsible for genetic make-up of Fashion and design. So we owe our clothes to science, our colour to science, our responses to science and 'Fashion is Science?'... Although it may seem farfetched to claim that vogue is a science magazine, science is actually responsible for the contents of the illustrious publication. Therefore, it is safe to say that Vogue represents a hybrid between the two.

    Fashion remains one of the largest industries on the world and spans 100s of centuries into the distant past. The wearing of clothing is an exclusive characteristic adopted by humans. The first 'clothes' were originally worn at 70,000 years ago; primitive man and his wife would have worn certain materials to keep stinging flies and other pestering insects. The humans would often shroud animal skins and cloths around themselves, but this proved inconvenient in the extreme climates.
    Eventually, adaptations for style and comfortability occurred, resulting in leaves, strips of animal hides and their tails being used. The materials would hang on the wearer, allowing a loose fit and enabling them to move freely. The natural fibres in the plants and hides provided support and durability, making the clothes more ideal. Since then, Fashion has evolved providing humans with more complex items for covering themselves.
    The moment that the first item of clothing was placed on a human's body, Fashion began. After all 'to have fashion, you must first have clothing'.

    Thanks again!

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    it flows well & is an interesting read. You might want to mention that traditionally scientists have appalling fashion sense...

    In my opinion, that's excellent. Really interesting to read.

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