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    (Arghhhh I mean 2014 and cant edit title!!)
    (Sorry reposting as think I popped it in the wrong forum!!)
    Hi everyone
    My name is Julie, I'm 31 and I'm a married mum to a brood of 5 children ranging in age from 7-13.
    I have recently applied to do the one year access to nursing and midwifery full time course at South Leicestershire College and went for my skills test yesterday which I think I did pretty well in(23 out 24 in both English and Maths).

    I am very, very organised and like to plan way ahead of myself so I have a few questions that I hope you can assist me in please.
    Are they any mature students that have studied nursing at DMU?
    How hard is the course to get into? I have no formal qualifications since I took my GCSE's in 1998(eeek!!). Nursing has always been something that I wanted to do but I chose to do things a bit topsy turvy and have my family first and my career later in life. I am very, very excited at the thought of putting my brain to some good use on the access course but petrified of not being offered a place at university. Obviously with the children I am very limited to where I can study so DMU with be my first choice with Northampton at a push as my second choice. What are my chances of being turned down? My attendance record will be good at college and I aim for my work to be of a good standard too but that fear at the back of my mind of rejection is never far away!
    Can anyone think of any work I can undertake where I have no experience whatsoever?? Every single HCA job I find requires me to have past experience and I am sure I will be turned down for the degree if I haven't shown willing to further myself. I had the idea of writing to various local nursing homes and offering my services free of charge for a few hours each week to gain some experience but I'm totally clueless to whether I will be completely laughed at!! I have a list of other volunteer agencies too that I shall contact. Is this the right way to go about things or am I getting too ahead of myself?
    How many of you work and have young families? My husband works full time and earns an average wage and I currently work 16 hours a week(in a dead end betting shop). I plan on giving this up in August or asking for a zero hour contract as I dont want to be kept away from the children anymore than necessary and we understand we shall have to tighten our belts a lot!!
    Anyone currently on the degree course..... what are your hours like? Whether you are first, second or third year? I have a very supportive husband and extreamly supportive folks who will be helping me out with childcare 'if' I get accepted on a degree course.
    I am petrified, nervous, worried etc so any help you can give me in any of my questions will be gratefully recieved.
    I'm an internet addict so I'm sure you will all be seeing a lot of me in the coming weeks/months/years!!

    hi Julie,
    I will also be a mature student. I applied for child nursing and have had two offers, so I will be starting this September. I'm 47, am a postgraduate, but my first degree was obviously ages ago. I'm also a mother, but I live in London, so had a bit more choice of where I could apply. Out of four applications I got three interviews and then the two places, so I was quite pleased with that.
    I do have experience of the world of nursing though, one of my children had a chronic health condition, which taught me a lot, plus I know what it's like to be the parent of a sick child. You're right to want to get some hands-on experience. Some one I know who will be starting an access course in September is volunteering at a hospice, so I would follow up on volunteering at care homes etc, it will help your personal statement, and give you valuable insight into whether or not nursing really is for you. Plus from the PS point of view, think of the transferable skills that you already have, I'm sure you'll have a lot.
    If this is something that you absolutely, definitely, want to do (bearing in mind that a lot of students who don't have the extra responsibility of a family, drop out), then go for it. If you don't try, you'll never know. No one can tell you if you'll be successful in getting a place, but that was the same for all of us. Plus you're still young at 31, even if it takes you a couple of attempts to get in, keep trying.
    Go for it!
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    Thank you so much for your wise words! You have been very helpful.
    I have just finished the paperwork to apply as a volunteer at two local hospices and I have my draft letter ready to fire off to local nursing homes. Just have to work hard and keep everything crossed I suppose

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