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Teeth aren't all naturally yellow. Enamel is just a mineral, and can come in a variety of shades, so brushing isn't going to make your teeth white unless you scrub off the top layer, and expose the white part, near to the nerves. Obviously, that's painful and not good for your teeth. You can try bleaching/other treatments (e.g. bicarb and lemon juice, but it tastes bloody awful). A common cause of bad breath is your tongue. Is it discoloured, or does it have a layer on the surface? In any case, make sure you give it a good scrub with toothbrush and paste as well.

There's been a lot of press about fizzy drinks, sweets, and crisps causing spots, and it seems to be true in some people, however I'd say for the majority, it isn't true at all. As long as you wash your face/get a shower once a day, that should keep things fairly in check. If they're bad, you should be washing your face twice a day.

The pills for your acne sound like they might be causing a reaction, and giving you more spots than you had before, so check to see what possible side effects are on the label.

The birthmark... Well people will always find something to fixate on. Some people have moles, I have a big nose, and you have a birthmark. Don't worry about it, and if you notice the person you are talking to staring at it, make a joke. Say something like, "It might look it, but it's not actually another mouth, so don't be expecting a response from it" Chances are they'll get embarrassed and pay more attention to you.

I'm also stupidly thin (and have bones that stick out annoyingly, and much to everyone's disgust if I ever take my top off), and lanky with it. We're all different, so don't worry about it. Some girls are gunna find you attractive, some aren't, that's just how it goes. And confidence really is the key. Look at those other guys girlfriends. Are they really as good as they seem? I for one would rather remain single for another six months than be trapped going out with a pretty girl who says 'sumfink' instead of 'something', chews with her mouth open, and wouldn't know what a scintillating personality was if it bit her on the behind...

I know it's not easy, but you just have to try and accept who you are, and what you look like. You seem like a sound guy to me, and I'm sure you'll find a nice girl (well, more than one in the course of your life ) but you gotta start walking chin up, shoulders back, and ready to take whatever life throws at you! Sounds hippy-ish, but stick with me. If you skulk into the corner of the room, you're not going to get noticed, and if you do scurry across the room, people aren't likely to form brilliant opinions about you. But if you're prepared to get out there, look life square in the eyes, and stick two fingers up (metaphorically) to anyone who judges you on your appearance, you'll have it made!

Don't go too far and turn arrogant though, just be quietly confident, and able to shrug off a set-back. If you ask a girl out and she knocks you back, it's her loss. If some guy makes a wise-crack at your expense, chuck one right back at him (or at least laugh along, and show you've got a sense of humour)

Just don't be frightened to smile, and be who you are.

Oh, and good luck with your exams. :p:

EDIT: That was a little longer than anticipated... lol
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Hmmm...I think the thing about crisps and acne might be true- my mom is always telling me that. (Crisps are my favorite food, though, I love them). But yeah, I forgot to say this but diet is really important too. When I eat healthy things and drink alot of water, I not only look better, but feel better too. Anon, I think all you need is a good dose of confidence- everything else can be pretty easily fixed. I am sure that you are a very cool, attractive, interesting person- you just have to believe it, and others will believe it too.

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