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    What ways do you revise?
    Id love to know many different ways that everyone revises. What works best for you, what didnt work?

    I have a book where I write all my notes down, and I try to learn them. Obviously I do past papers with them too.

    Another way, which appeared to work very well when I resat one of my GCSE History modules this January (went from a D to an A*), was use a program called Anki, which is basically a flashcard maker, and learn from that for about 20 minutes every day. For the structure, I went through the bits in the book which had examples, did that, and just kept on looking through that again and again the day before my exam, as well as for about ten minutes before I went to the exam.

    Obviously it's different for each subject. History, Geography, RE, English and Sociology, and stuff like that, would rely on knowing how to structure the answer as well as knowing what to write, whilst subjects like Maths and Science normally relies on knowing how to do certain things, like algebra and... addition, and stuff. It also depends on what type of learner you are. You may like learning in images, or in text. Some people can read a whole page and that's all they have to do. Normally, doing the same thing over and over again will make it stick in your head, so I'd try that before trying anything else.

    I guess it depends on which exam boards you're with and varies from subject to subject:

    Maths (Edexcel) - MathsWatch CD with video tutorials was extremely helpful. That's basically the only thing I used for GCSEs and came out with an A, 1 mark away from A*.
    Double Science (AQA) - CGP revision guides and Bitesize which both helped A LOT.
    English Literature - practice essay questions, annotate the texts, when it comes to the poetry exam then I suggest pairing up poems because the question will most likely ask you to compare one aspect of a poem with another. Pairing them up really helped me in the exam.
    English Language - coursework makes up majority of the curriculum so make sure you pay close attention to it. And regarding the exam, try practicing it under TIMED conditions. Most people in our year found it difficult to complete the exam within the time duration.

    Geography (AQA) again, CGP book, RE (Edexcel) we were able to buy revision books from school and basically if you can go through the entire book making notes it helps. It's really repetitive though and so difficult to memorize so what I found helped was making a brain storm for each sub topic on A5 sheets of paper. Adds to the visual aspect so in the actual exam I could remember on which corner of the page I'd scribbled the point.

    Everything else (Citizenship, Language, Statistics) I didn't really revise for because there aren't any appropriate text books available and with Citizenship if you pay attention in class then write anything and everything in the exam you pretty much get marks.

    Good luck and don't sweat it! I'm sure you'll be fine. As a sidenote, after your GCSEs, use your summer holidays wisely and look at some A-level material/ text books so as to prepare yourself for September. I wish someone had told me to do so because the difficulty of the work came as a shock.

    Write postit notes around your house of information you need to learn.

    For each different subject write in a different coloured pen, this helps you memorise it more because its different for what you usually write in.

    Teach someone else, and make them understand. My sister taught me when she was doing her GCSEs, I found it very interesting and it benefited both of us, because the information I learnt is needed when I take my GCSEs.

    Combined games ( like snap) with you revision.

    I would recommend the app (flashcard let, for revising. Which is easy to use on the go.

    Hope this helps!☺

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    I've been writing important facts on sticky notes and sticking them around my house. I thought this wouldn't work at first but I've realized that I walk past these places every day and I read them every time I walk past them.

    I do quite a lot of reading, because I tend to remember quite a bit that way. I also make notes - and I tend to take my time making the notes, I put them in a nice notepad/ folder and I present them nicely, as then they are better to read through later on. I make flashcards for some subjects where it is just little facts.

    Also, I find the specifications from the exam boards really useful - especially for science where there are set facts you need to know - as it helps to focus the revision, and you can see what you actually need to know

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