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I live with 3 boys and 3 girls.

One of the boys is a great mate, the other is a really good mate, but there's 'tension' there if you know what I mean.

In the past year we have been living together, we have ended up in bed together 4 times. 2 times out have just been innocent hugs, the other 2 were kisses and other stuff, but no sex.

Things were a bit awkward after most of these, because they took place when we were both drunk, but we got over it.

Then in the last week we have ended up sleeping together twice. I don't regret it, its not awkward its all fine.

Since then, he has been nicer to me than ever before, and I get the impression he does actually really care for, me, and I care for him too.

The truth of it is though, we are going our seperate ways in like 2 months, so any kind of relationship is not on the agenda, but thats not saying I don't want anything more because I enjoy what we have

Has anyone had anything like this happen before?

Its only happened when we have both been drunk, i'm tempted to try it when sober, but i'm worried he'll turn me down and say he made a terrible mistake and then it really will be awkward!

But, boys, would you sleep with a housemate more than once if it was a mistake? Even if your drunk? Am I right in thinking there is something there or am I just a quick and easy bit of sex for him?

If I talked to him, would it scare him off? If I should talk, what do I say?

I'm in turmoil!

Cheers guys
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If I had a housemate like that I'd be hella happy. Quick easy sex (which is why he prolly was treating you so nicely lately ) . Talk to him, he'll be fine.
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Depends, perhaps if you talk to him and ask him what he really wants, it might be easier to see whether he wants you just to bed you or have a proper loving relationship with you. Least maybe get his number before you go your separate ways

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