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Toxic friendship watch

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    Hey, so I'm in an awkward situation with a very old friend and I wondered if anyone out there can help!
    So the story goes we've been friends since we were 13, we're in our 20s now and stayed friends despite living in different countries, taking different paths through facebook and holidays etc. In the past couple of years we've grown further apart, I think I've changed a great deal, we fell out over a boy and from that point on I found it harder to keep up the friendship. I say 'fell out', more like i just told her straight that I was hurt she was having dinner with a guy i had a thing with and still had feelings for. she didn't really like being confronted about it and still kept on posting on this guys wall etc. I distanced myself from her but she kept on contacting me, asking how I am. I decided I was over it and we met up and stuff but things aren't great, it feels a bit fake, i feel like I'm being someone I'm not when I'm with her. I don't wish her any badness but I want out. Preferably without any ill feeling or bitcyness... If I ignore her and bump into her, how will that work?
    I don't get why she even wants me as her friend, I feel like she doesn't like me, she started giving me significantly less expensive christmas/birthday gifts, little subtle things tell me we're different now, why is she bothering me at all? Help!
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    Wait so.. She keeps contacting you despite you trying to push her away, but you feel like she doesn't like you? I think maybe she does like you, but feels like you guys are drifting apart so is trying to keep your friendship going, and she's maybe struggling a bit because the friendship itself is changing as you both change. You have two options.. you could ignore her and thus break off the friendship without *****yness, but risk possible awkward conversation if you bump into her, or you could try to rekindle the friendship somehow by going somewhere fun you used to go, doing something you used to do, going to a party, or whatever. But the friendship isn't gonna work unless you act yourself around her. Which would you rather do?
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