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    I hold an offer to study Geography at Nottingham (AAA) and I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll achieve them - so its not the grades that are the problem.

    I feel that I've not lived my life yet.. or had enough experience to go to University.

    Seeing as my birthday is 28th August, I'm the youngest one in my year and if I do go to university in September I will still have only just turned 18. But some people will be 19. Or some 20 if they've taken gap years! I don't want to feel like the youngest... and I really like the idea of making a little bit of money to help with living costs before I go.

    I'm also thinking about applying to Oxford... if I was to take the gap year. But then again, I might not even get an interview despite having already achieved the grades! And what if, I went to Oxford- but hated it and wanted to go back to Nottingham? Then the gap year would've kind of been a waste of time... I really do like Nottingham too! But have a feeling that going to Oxford might give me a head start in finding a job.

    So what I'm saying is- what is your opinion of me taking a gap year? Positive- negative?

    Any replies would be really helpful Thank you in advance x

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    It seems as though you already want to take a gap year.

    Gap years can be good or bad depending on what you make of them.
    I knew I was going to take a gap year at the start of year 13 (probably still shouldve applied to UCAS anyway but I didn't). The main thing which a decent gap year operates on is funds. Funds will give you choices. So try and get something lined up like an internship, or a part time job etc. Obviously don't make your plans too rigid (cos where's the fun in that) but have some idea at least of what you'd like to do. Also, if you think you can get into a uni you'd prefer to go to, you may as well try doing this as well so that you have no regrets.

    I myself am incredibly glad that I've taken a gap year.
    Some stats about mine:
    Degree: UCAS 2013: (either of) Nottingham- Finance Accounting and Management/ Warwick- Accounting and Finance
    Paid 6 month internship at professional services firm (October- April)
    Lining up another one in finance hopefully for mid July- September
    Will travel sometime between August-September (hopefully interrail)
    Continuing to learn german, will try and do driving, continuing with piano
    Widened music and sport taste. It has been beneficial for both my career prospects and my own character.

    On the other hand, I have friends who've done nothing and feel lethargic, so it's really what you make of it
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