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    I am 18, male, from England.
    I went on a Gap Year to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In case you don't know, a gap year is a year out from education (very popular in the UK) between College and University where people often go travelling, volunteer work, or work and make money for a year. I was travelling for 4 and a half months.

    When I was in Cambodia, I met a girl and we basically fell in love. Generally a lot of girls there are:
    - Prostitutes
    - Ladyboys
    - Just after your money
    - Date old men, eg an 18 year old girl with a 55 year old guy
    - In poverty, with HIV aids etc

    However the girl I was going out with was not like this at all. She was the same age as me (I was a few months older), she was not a hooker at all, only had 1 boyfriend before, was fairly wealthy by Cambodian standards (had an IPAD, good phone etc), spoke perfect English etc.

    I have not told anyone about this - not my friends, not my parents because I know they will judge me and think that I'm a sex tourist or that I went there because I am desperate. This is not true at all!

    We were together in Cambodia for 1 month. I met her in the capital and I planned to stay there for 3 days but I ended up staying there longer as she was there, and then when I travelled for the next couple of weeks over the rest of Cambodia she came with me.

    We were really in love but I knew that I couldn't stay there forever - one day I would have to fly back home to England. I told her this, she knew this. She understood everything and I was sad but knew it couldn't last as I had to eventually go back home - my parents are expecting me home, I have already prepared for University this year etc.

    As soon as I got home and she was back in the capital of Cambodia, we both realised how much we miss each other. She would cry to me on skype, I would even have a little cry to myself at night (and as a guy I don't cry easily!!), her friends and sister that I know very well tell me she is acting really weird because I am not with her. We would talk on facebook everyday (still do).

    It has been about 3 weeks since I last saw her. I have told her that one day I will come back to Cambodia and find her and stay with her forever this time. Ideally I would love to do this however every time I have said this, deep down inside me I know this is unlikely and will probably never happen (even if I want it to). It is just unrealistic because I will be going to University for 3 years, then when I come out of Uni I will be in massive debt, not able to fly across, and probably by then I would have moved on.

    So basically even though I still love her like mad and I don't want to move on and forget her, I think I have to. Although I don't know how to say it. I really don't want to upset her because i think if I broke up with her she would be soooo sad and I don't think people realise how sad I mean because I really think I do mean the world to her.

    hey your story is sad and of course youll never forget her! You need to write out all of your feelings on a piece of paper and then read it back to yourself, because your thoughts will be all over the place at the moment! I suggest you watch the secret, it may help you with your debt dilema.
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Updated: April 15, 2013
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