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Could anyone help me with my time management? Watch

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    Hi, so in a nutshell, I'm crap at managing my time.

    It's not for a lack of trying, I often leave early for events, wake early and even write things down in a list at times.

    However I do find that I procrastinate an awful lot. Replying to text messages, calling people back, replying to emails/letters, starting revision. I just can't seem to manage my time effectively.

    At times I get distracted and often forget, however a lot of the time I just seem to get times and dates wrong. For example, I read a letter for a doctors appointment last month and was 99% sure at the time that I had an appointment at 9:45, as it turns out it was at 11:45. I don't even know how that happened. I was so sure that was the time, I had it timetabled into my phone even. Yet I when I read the letter back I was obviously wrong! What's worse is that this wasn't an isolated incident, it happens a lot. The same thing happened just now, I read an email for an interview that I was 100% sure that was on the 26th April and it turns out it's on the 17th. I wasn't going to attend the interview anyway but still if it had been something important and I messed it up because I read the time wrong I don't think it would look very good. It's very frustrating because I do try but seem to mess up a lot, regardless of how hard I try.

    I probably should note that this happens similarly when I work. I work the tills at a local shop and I've realized that more often than not when I finish scanning items in and sub-total the transaction that I read what's on the screen correctly but say the wrong thing. For instance, I would see £12.72 and I would say £12.27 without meaning to; sometimes I would be aware of this and at other times not.

    It also happens in maths, I have to check my working quite extensively to make sure I haven't transposed something incorrectly.

    I know this probably sounds odd but I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me regarding this rather embarrassing issue? Is it just a case of slowing down and reading numbers twice or am I just a weirdo that's disorganized?

    Thanks for reading this rather large post, and thanks in advance. I posted this here in chat rather than in health because I'm not sure if it's a health issue.


    My biggest advice would be to write things down and make lists - that's definitely helped me. As for the mixing up numbers thing, I think that's fairly common. My maths teacher asked my best friend if she had it last year, it's actually a condition- similar to dyslexia but with numbers. Although I can't for the life of me remember what it's called!

    Also, make sure you get enough sleep, as I sure feel worse when I don't get enough (which seems to be quite often these days)
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