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Hi, I need help in the following questions as I don't really know much about plant transport. Thanks.

1)State in which issue sucrose travels in the stem of a plant.

2)Explain how mass flow of sucrose occurs in plants.
Miss Amy
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:p: Issue? I hope you mean tissue lol

1) Phloem in the vascular bundle

2) Translocation= Triose sugars are made through photosynthesis in the chloroplasts of leaf cells, these are then converted into sucrose.

The sucrose moves towards the vascular bundle (either symplast or apoplast pathway). Companion cells and sieve elements work in tandem and sucrose is transported, by active transport into the companion cell;

H+ ions are actively pumped outside the companion cell , therefore setting up a concentration gradient. H+ ions move back in, via a carrier protein whilst "carrying" sucrose
Sucorse then moves into the sieve element via the plasmodesmata.

Well thats all we had 2 know about sucrose in plants, Im not sure if that is what your looking for, but i hope it helped!!!
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for 2, I think he's talking about the sink and source.

Cells in a plant's leaves actively transport sucrose into the phloem. This is called the source. More sucrose, means that the water potential in the phloem decreases, so water follows down its gradient, by osmosis. This increases the hydrostatic pressure at this point. Water will move down its pressure gradient, to say a fruit, where the pressure is low, taking sucrose with it. This is called the sink. The sucrose moves in 'mass flow' just like water in an xylem. Basically, it moves in a column.

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