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sir ian mckellern was at catz, camb.... as was sir peter hall, ex-head of rsc.
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griff rhy jones - Emma cambridge
rowan atkinson - MSc at queens oxford
trent ford - english clare cam
thandie newton - arch anth downing cam
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anyone know how hard it is to get into those drama societies. Like if u havent acted for a while then u decide youd like a go again, can you join or do you have to have always acted?
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Excuse me, but not all of the Pythons were Tabs:
Terry Jones studied English at Teddy Hall
Michael Palin studied History at Brasenose.

Just to set the record straight...
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The guys who play Mark and Jeremy from Peepshow both went to cambridge, and drank at my local pub here.

Well, I thought it was cool...

But in response to the OP, the ADC has a huge scene around it, and there are loads of other drama societies. A veritable plague of thesps.
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yesyes lots of actors went to oxbridge. it's probably something to do with the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of plays on every second at oxbridge, so actors get a lot of experience. there might be something to be said for the confidence/pretentious-ness factor as well...

as for why it's mainly english students, erm, probably because they have more time on their hands?