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    English Language Unit 1 November 2012- question 3?

    insert- http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects...-INS-NOV12.PDF
    answers- http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects...B-MS-NOV12.PDF

    hello, please can someone mark this for me? i have asked my English teacher, and he keeps saying yes, but then never does... i am really bad at English so any advise is welcome! i have my exams coming up soon! :eek:
    Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Michael Caine has about the places where
    he lived during the war?

    Throughout the extract Caine has discussed his thought and feeling numerous times during the time when he was evacuated from his London home and his mother.
    Within the first sentence Caine has already start to discus his thoughts and feelings. He talks about how the first family who took him in were ‘just plain cruel’. By choosing the word its creates a stronger affect then using ‘horrible’ because you would normal associate someone who beats or is violent towards others. This is enforced by him saying that he was “covered in sores and starving” which is also imagery. It creates a picture in the readers head emphasising what he was feeling
    He used emotive and descriptive language to make the reader feel sorry for him, and to make his experience more dramatic. He said that they would “leave [him] locked in the cupboard under the stairs… crying for [his] mum.” Which really pulls on the readers heart strings making them feel how he was feelings because he must have felt so lonely.
    However during the extract the story changes and he goes on to say how his mum rescued him, which is where the title came from, and took him away to the seaside which was “best thing that ever happened to [him]”. At this point the feelings changes to become strong positive ones. The title indicates that something big happed and that they saved someone, but after reading the extract the reader realised that his mum was the wartime hero to him, because when we was evacuated he felt along and that no one cared about him.
    He uses strong words and phrases like “traumatic“and “burning hatred” to really emphasize how they made him feel. He goes on to say multiple times how he thinks that the experience shaped him and made him become who he was today and how it changes his life.
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