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Is the Modern Lifestyle Killing Us? Syndrome X. Watch

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    Has your doctor ever told you that the reason you are gaining weight is because you eat too much? And you sit there wondering how when you eat so little food? Your doctor might well be giving you inadequate advice.

    We are shocked when we find out that Tom next door averages 8-9 hours of sleep each night, and Bill next door-but-one gets 10 hours because he works out at the gym. You, however, just get 6 maybe 7. You feel tired, stressed and you've gained weight. The media tells you that you just need to exercise and eat less. You tried that and it just doesn't work.

    When we think of obesity we tend to think of people eating too much and not exercising. Remember this:


    The notion that the answer to resolving the current obesity epidemic is to curb people's sugar drinking and eating habits (not that these aren't important) should be the first thing we should question. No matter how much diet and exercise you do, you can still become obese, and you can still get diabetes and other metabolic issues and chemical imbalances, you can get Syndrome X.

    Just been reading http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=D...gC&redir_esc=y by Shawn M. Talbott.

    He makes some interesting claims such as not getting the full 8 hours sleep everynight puts the body into a pre-diabetic state. He says that not many people know about Syndrome X.

    "Insulin resistance is perhaps one of the earliest metabolic events leading to full-blown Syndrome X - and insulin resistance is certainly exacerbated by, if not caused by, a diet high in refined carbohydrates (sugars), and by elevated cortisol levels (from chronic stress)."

    "Both diet and exercise can play important roles in helping control blood-sugar and insulin levels, but inless you adequately control cortisol levels, your attention to diet and exercise will leave you spinning your wheels."

    "The major problem with our modern "late to bed, early to rise" lifestyle is that our cortisol levels never have enough time to fully dissipate..."

    "The Chicago sleep researchers also suggested that sleep deprivation, which is becoming commonplace in industrialized countries, may play a significant role in the current epidemic of obesity and type-2 diabetes."

    "In 1910 the average American slept a whopping nine hours per night; in 1975, it was down to only about seven and half hours; and today we average only about seven hours a night - and many of us get far less than that."

    So what exactly is causing the obesity epidemic? Apparently, even those who are slightly overweight are now considered clinically obese. The mainstream media like to portray this undesireable weight gain as a food-and-lack-of-exercise problem. Although that may be a factor, it could mean nothing if our bodies are just not doing what nature expects it to do.

    Contrary to the many vested interests wishing to profit from obese persons, overeating is not the reason for our increased heftiness. Fifty-four percent of all Americans are overweight. One in five is obese and in danger of health problems. Until we are honest about obesity in this country, no working solutions will be found. The cult of Jenny Craig and Lean Cuisine will simply make us fatter because their interest lies in profits. The problem is finding unbiased researchers who don't put the cart before the horse, influenced by profiteers who are fueled by fat prejudice. The real cause of the obesity epidemic is not increased gluttony, but factors in modern American life.


    You should read the book 'Food is Love' is interesting. And i reckon people comfort eat because there is a conflict between themselves and their ideal self. the other day i watched 'Charlie Brooker's weekly wipe- How tv ruined your life' and it explained in a commical way how the media influence peoples ideals was funny but so true!!
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