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    Hey guys!

    We've been told we needed to pick the subject of our EE by this Thursday but now they are saying we need our research question by then too. And I have no idea?!

    And if I don't give in a research question by then all the good supervisors will be taken D:

    I want to do it on human biology, something to do with eyes/ears/nose? Or even one of the organs? I was also thinking of how stress effects the immune system but I wouldn't know how to research that because I actually want to do experiments.

    But obviously I'm really stuck so any helpful advice or ideas even if its something to do with the body that's not those things it would be SO very helpful!!

    Thank you all!!

    I thought IB has some policy against experimenting against anything with a more sophisticated nervous system. I think an experiment on human biology would be difficult, and considering you only have a few more days to decide it, it would be quite unwise. Even if you do decide to do an EE on human biology, you would need to get the consent of many people to test on, considering you should have at least 10 replicates for each case. Not to mention you still have to control variables such as gender/race/age etc.

    But saying all that, if you can find a way to do a human biology project i believe it would be very fun. I once considered doing a biology IA on lung capacity/tidal volume based on physical activity and experience in playing a wind instrument. I'm not sure what you could do with eye/nose/ear but maybe you could consider reflex/memory and how various factors affect it like maybe blood glucose level (using the prick test, hopefully that isnt considered too invasive) or something else. However, as a science EE your data is going to have to be primarily quantitative, so you are going to have to consider what equipment you have at your disposal before you commit. For example, most reflexes are too fast for you to time accurately with a stop watch, and you may have to resort to maybe high speed camera of the pupil or maybe use a computer program to test people. Memory/cognitive games might be easier to quantify.

    Maybe you should just submit a placer research question first, then think over what you actually want to do. Ultimately I think you need to do a lot more research before you decide on anything, thinking of specific things like nose/eye/ear might be a good start, but you are going to have to be a lot more specific.

    Lastly, you should include your independent and dependent variables in your research question
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