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Kinda Upset...Stressed out ;( watch

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    Does anyone have teachers...and it feels sometimes like they want you to fail?

    I mean, basically I've always struggled with certain subjects like maths and biology, but this year I got a fantastic new maths teacher and this is now the subject I'm most confident with!

    But biology is just...I mean wow it's crazy :/

    Used to be in biology 3, but after a test I was moved up a grade, and into a new class. The class was out of control, and the new teacher gave up (he was retiring anyway so it wouldn't matter to him whether we passed or not) we then got a new teacher (newly qualified too) but the class soon got to her as well and she has in a way given up

    I'll quote what she said a while ago after people in the class couldn't shut up

    "Quite frankly the attitude in this class stinks. Everything I do for you, you throw it back in my face. Not a single person in this class as doing well, and I find it pathetic. If you're not going to go away and learn the stuff I've been giving you - just get out. Just leave and don't bother showing up for my class again. And you know "persons name" you say you want to be a nurse, well how will you e one getting 7's? None of you even bother to..."

    It went on like that for a while..but lately I just get really upset because she constantly just states in front of the class when I'm wrong, and it's embarrassing.

    A lot of the time I do get it right but she never says oh that's right well done, I only ever get a response when I'm wrong. I was one of the few in that class who was actually nice to her, because I felt sorry for her but not anymore.

    I've went up to get help many times before (which she told us to do) but each time I've been refused it. I was told to go to a bio cafe instead where I spent 20 mins with a foreign teacher who was nor a biology teacher nor speaking English.

    I'm so stressed out because I have a prelim next week along with a real exam,and I don't under stand any of it. ,majority of this course I've had to learn alone,but it's never been my strong point in the first place.

    Most days I come home from school just crying for ages because I feel like a failure ;( I'm trying my best and I want to do well..this is the only subject I have issues with..so it can't be something to do with me can it?

    Sorry I know I might sound snobby or something but I'm just really upset I've been crying writing this lol, does anyone else ever get teachers who really stress them out?

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    I'm really sorry to hear this. Believe it or not, it's likely that your teacher is just as upset. The class is giving her a miserable time and she is unable to distinguish between the students who want to learn and the students who are out of control. She doesn't have the skills or experience to know what to do. She is probably also going home crying every day and doubting her career choice. There are a variety of things you could do (in no particular order):

    - Speak to the teacher (or write to her if you can't do it in person). Tell her that you go home from school most days crying because you're trying and you want to do well but the class is a disaster. Explain that publicly humiliating you, and sending you elsewhere when you ask for help, are really damaging your confidence. Express your interest in her subject and ask her how you can improve (NB the first thing she'll say is to read what she tells you and do your homework so if you're not doing that, it won't be a good start).
    - Speak to your class (or get an influential class mate to speak to the class). Reach an internal agreement that the class will knuckle down for the sake of your grades (is it your GCSE year?) Since the teacher can't control the class, the most powerful thing that could possibly happen would be for the class to control the class. Tell the teacher that you would all like to start your relationship anew and ask that she does the same. If anybody mucks about in class, have it be the class that tells that pupil to shut up - peer pressure can be immensely powerful.
    - Speak to your head of year or head of department and explain to him/her what you have explained in your post. Explain that you don't know how to control the class yourself, but you're unhappy and you think external help is required.
    - Ask your parents to bring it up at a parents evening if there is one coming up.
    - Insist on being allowed to go back to your biology 3 class.

    I recommend the book It's Your Time You're Wasting by Frank Chalk. Tells the story of out of control classes from the teacher's point of view - it's funny and heartbreaking in equal measure. (Lend it to your teacher, it might give her some techniques.)
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