Do people really want to "be alone" ? Watch

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If I need to be alone, I'll usually wander off and find the nearest piano. Concentrating on playing can give a sort of meditative isolation that can really help calm me down. After I've calmed down somewhat, though, I'll usually start pining for the company of my girlfriend, or a friend. That's just the way I am, though, and I'm hellla strange :P
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(Original post by Anonymous)
You know when people say 'i just need to be alone and sort things out', do they really mean it? I don't mean if you've just had an arguement with them, but if they're upset and it's not your fault or anything, is it better to leave them upset alone, or to try and comfort them? One of my friends is really upset about leaving school, and she claims her way of coping is being alone and stuff, but I dunno, we're really close, and I'm not convinced it'll work, or if it's what she really wants...

I know it's an odd question, but have any of you ever experienced feeling 'wanting to be alone' but actually would have loved to have the company...

I'm feeling philosophical, apologies!
Contrary to popular belief, when people say this, they actually require company of at least 10-12 people. For best results, keep your friend in a confined space with all these people, such as a lift, or small cupboard. Allow to simmer for 2 hours, she'll be back to normal (if not a little flattened).

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