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Girlfriend makes me feel guilty for going out with my friends? Watch

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    Basically I want to ask for advice on how to deal with a situation. I'll give a bit of background information.

    We've been together for 8 months now, I live at home in my second year and she is at uni 100 miles away so we are in a long distance relationship so to speak. We see each other every weekend and things are so so good.

    We've just got back from a 10 day holiday and things went absolutely flawlessly, not a single crossed word.

    The problem is when I say I'm going out with my friends she changes into a completely different woman! It's happened a few times now but the perfect example is today. She rang me when she woke up like usual just to have a chat. I then mentioned that I'm going for a course night out tonight (which I barely ever ever do) after 2 years of uni i've been out with them once. As soon as I said that she just went "oh right" and kind of changed her attitude. I then said are we still on for skyping like planned and then went she wouldn't have time as she has revising to do then is going to the pub in the afternoon with her friends. Essentially making excuses as we had it planned yesterday.

    I then whatsapped her asking about our weekend plans, she read the message and didn't reply which isn't normal then when she did reply an hour later after me promting her with a "hello?" she just replied with two words, again she would normally make lots of convo so it's obviously related.

    I would do anything for this girl, she genuinely is amazing, so so hard working, loving and reciprocating but it's just this that really brings me down and makes me think about it all day. Like today.

    I don't know her thought process or how to deal with it? I've asked her before about it and she thinks I'm a different person with my friends but I do the exact same as normal. It's like she has something in her mind that thinks i'm different but i'm really really not.

    I'm making this thread asking for advice on what she's thinking and how to solve it.

    Thanks a lot!

    Surely some insecurity that you may hook up with someone else on a night out.In this situation, you do just need to come out and ask her, gently as possible, why she seems to have an issue. And if it is the aforementioned insecurity, then put her to ease.
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    Yeah maybe that's it but i've reassured her so much that she is the only girl I want to be with and it's true.

    She says my facial features are literally her idea of perfection, like she wouldn't change a single thing so maybe she thinks that other girls will be coming onto me? I don't know.
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Updated: April 18, 2013
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