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ok quite long so i apologise
i am a year 12 student doing as levels in maths, economics, biology and history and for a while i have been set on an economics degree until i sat my maths exams yesterday and i did really badly (i have lost about 20 marks on each paper without even being marked down). With economics degrees requiring maths at A/B for the unis that i had my heart set on i am now having to reconsider as there is no way i am gonna get that grade after next year when it gets harder and i dont want to go to the unis a step down as then i have less prospects. Another problem is that i was going to drop biology at the end of the year as i am worst at it and now i am regretting my choices as i have two subjects i want to drop as i am bad at them and yet i am predicted A's in my other 2
so after that longwinded explanation i want to ask people what other degree options i could do i am open to most ideas and would just like suggestions or general advice please as i cant really talk about this with other people
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First off, just because you might not get into any of the 'top Unis' (I presume you mean the obvious big ones everyone wants) doesn't mean your job prospects are any less. In fact, some of the 'step down Unis' (as you refer to them) have a better post-graduation employment rate. Somewhere like Surrey for example I believe is one of the best in the country for this. Surrey itself, I didn't accept their offer but it was a BBC offer, and I know the social life there is brilliant.

Also, do not give up on your Maths A Level. If you've done badly on a couple of exams, you just have to keep working at it. If you want something enough, you put in the time and make it work. Not everything comes easy. Get your papers back, find out what let you down, and get someone to give you extra help on it. Then you can re-sit that exam and improve your mark.

With regards to dropping Biology, don't dwell on it, that's done. I am not being harsh, but it sounds to me like you are approaching this with the wrong attitude. Rather than thinking about dropping subjects, head it straight up with a positive attitude and work on your weaknesses. That will also give you something to talk about in your UCAS Personal Statement. Someone who drops a lot of subjects isn't going to be attractive to a University as how likely are they to drop out at the first hurdle. Whereas someone who recognises a problem, tackles it and solves it, will be a better option for them.

Good luck.

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