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I'm completely miserable. watch

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    I'm in year twelve and I feel miserable and hopeless.

    1. I'm overweight, and because of it I feel self conscious even leaving my house. When I enter the common room and people look because they hear the door, it's so embarrassing that tears literally sting my eyes. I despise it and I can't change it because I have no motivation to, even thought I know it would improve my life so much if I did. I can't walk for more than five minutes without being out of breath and I constantly feel like a slob. My skin is spotty, my face is hideous, all my features are wrong. My boobs are uneven and I obsess over it, as well as my privates being larger than normal, as I have a long labia.
    I am truly disgusting outwardly and really don't see how anyone will ever find me appealing.

    2. I have no actual friends. The one friend I did have decided overnight when she and her boyfriend split up that she wanted no interest in me any more, only in going on wild nights out and desperately trying to convince everyone she's wild and a party animal. It's so pathetic. Things aren't the same with us any more and never will be. The rest of my friends are the kind that talk about you behind your back.

    3. I've always been intelligent, and even though I'm striving and striving towards university, always thinking of it and telling myself "Don't worry, in a year and a half you can get away", I don't seem to be motivated enough for the work.

    4. My brother is four and has a severe disability which puts a strain on the whole families. He cries a lot of the time. He requires constant care. My parents probably haven't had more than 6 hours sleep in four years. It makes me feel so upset and heartbroken to think that they won't ever have a nice, quiet life, when all the kids have moved out, because of my brother. I love him so much and feel so guilty for thinking of him as a burden. And then I feel even guiltier for worrying about my weight and my disgusting skin while my brother is so much worse off. My brother takes up so much of my parents attention, but they have three other kids besides my brother and me, and I'm always worried they'll turn out damaged by this.

    5. I'm weak willed. I always look towards the future, I imagine myself at uni, a healthy size, happy, with a lot of friends, with clear skin, and yet the months and the years go by and I haven't changed and I never will because I am so disgustingly weak.

    I don't know what I want out of writing this post. It feels good to let it all out and vent. If anyone has any advice, maybe even on just one of these topics, let me know.

    Honestly, i would print out what you have just written and take it to your GP, you may not feel confident enough/you might forget points when you go. They will be understanding and be able to help you. Alot of people your age go through similar issues, but you seem to have them all at the same time plus more. You can definitely get help and you will feel like you've taken a step forward just by taking that step. Hope this helps

    I think you should get councelling. I mean I can say that if you try thinking "okay, i AM going to changd my life or else i will be miserable another 60 years" but i know that is not easy, especially if you dont have will power. However I think that losing weight is crucial for you: it will not only make you feel better, but feeling better will in turn help you make new friends and generally have another (more positive) approach to life. I dare say you'll percieve your parents situation differently. honestly, thats whati would do: get councelling and start a diet. also, exercising is SO beneficial for your mind - really !!

    good luck
    feel free to pm me if you want

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    I found the best way to start losing weight and keep the weight off is to make little changes so here are a few for you:

    -cut out any takeaways you eat completely. Needless to say they contain a lot of salt, saturated fat etc and there is no way you can carry on eating them and lose weight.

    -don't have fizzy drinks too often. Once a week, on Saturday for example as a treat will be safer. The same goes for alcohol. Also be careful about combining the two. Alcohol prevents absorption of sugars and you may not realise you're drinking more fizzy than you should and once the alcohol is gone, all the sugar will be absorbed at once which ad you can imagine is terrible for your liver.

    -eat less meat. We should only be eating a meat based meal 2 or 3 times a week! Meat contains saturated fat. Try going veggie for a bit. Look up recipes on the internet and try some new meals. Try peppers stuffed with couscous, curried vegetables with rice, homemade tomato sauce with pasta.

    -drink lots of water. This will hydrate your skin and reduce spots. Drinking more water also replaces water in your body which helps you lose weight and keep it off. You can drink tea. This counts as drinking water (for obvious reasons) and also provides you with antioxidant s which also reduce spots. Green tea is the best for this but otherwise, stick with normal tea when aiming to lose a bit of weight I took a water bottle to school and always aimed to finish the bottle, refill it, and finish at least half if that bottle too. This meant I kept hydrated and had lots of energy. It also helped me concentrate in class.
    Aim for 5 cups of tea a day. Make a pot if you're struggling. Coffee is not as good. It makes you dehydrated.

    -eat slowly. This means you'll feel full more quickly and won't need as big a portion of food. Take small mouthfuls and chew about 20 times. This means you'll taste and enjoy your food more. Put your cutlery down between eat mouthful. You should take about 20 mins to eat dinner. When you feel full, stop eating. Put your leftovers in the fridge and have them the next day. Let you dinner go down before you think about dessert. Give it about half an hour.

    -go for walks when you have a bit of free time. A gentle stroll after dinner is quite nice. Help mum and dad around the house by hoovering and dusting rooms. This is actually quite good exercise. If you have a dog, take it for walks. If not walk someone else's dog or accompany them on walks. If you can't find anyone's dog to walk, animal shelters are always looking for volunteer dog walkers. Choose a route with a little challenge like a hill.

    I really hope this helps. Going to the doctor with your post is also a great idea as said above. It'll be confidential so I think it's great. If you have ant questions or need any more encouragement, just say. Realising your problems is the first step to solving them. It's worse to be in denial and avoiding thinking about it. Good luck!
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