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    Hey guys, I've suffered a while with something I never attributed a name to. But a few months ago I realised it was 'termed' sleep paralysis. I've read around it, and I know that sleep depravation can cause it, which is true in my case.

    I'm a final year uni student, I'm highly stressed, and I think it triggered the sleep paralysis literally 15 minutes ago. For the past week, I've been going to the library at 9pm, coming home at 4am, not being able to sleep till around 9am, and waking up around 2-3pm (I know, what a life :s) Yesterday I woke up slightly earlier, and it works out that I get less than 6 hours anyway. The past 2 nights I fell asleep earlier, but each time I wake up after 2 hours wide awake! So the whole 'pull an all nighter' being able to right the sleeping pattern doesn't work on me

    Anyway, it was the same today, I fell asleep around 2am, woke up at 4am wide awake, and couldn't sleep. Anyway, around 9.30am, I began to felt my eyes going. Like a fool, I fell asleep on my back (again, I know some people are susceptible to sleep paralysis in this position) as I was dead beat tired. But it's strange, for the first time ever, my dream merged in with my sleep paralysis. It was some messed up dream about the Devil, and then in my dream, the sleep paralysis started, I was squirming around, trying to call for help and most of all, trying to wake myself. I woke up, scared, but felt my eyes go again. Then the same scenario happened all over again for the second time much to my horror.

    I knew it was a dream as I was shouting for my mum (even though I don't live with her) and she was replying saying 'what'. I then threw myself onto the ground, partially paralysed, and to end to dream I gasped 'All I want to do is read some ****ing Trotsky' - you can tell my dissertation is affecting even my sleep lol

    Sleep paralysis in general - usually sporadic, I can go months without it, and have a few bad ones in the space of a couple of weeks. It's just horrible feeling an evil presence around and desperately trying to wake up.

    So, anyone suffered with this? Offer any advice? I'm not sure whether to contact a doctor on the sleeping part alone as I've suffered with insomnia for a while, but it's worse lately due to my schedule! Thanks!

    I think you should contact your gp for your insomnia. And I've had sleep paralysis, was so scared the first time round But now I learnt that the sleep paralysis is worse and more frightening in general if you panic, so I just calmly tell myself that it'll be over before I know it, whilst I'm having the sleep paralysis, I stay calm during it don't let any spooky thoughts come into my head. (not sure if that makes sense but it helped me
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