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    Don't know what to do?

    draw tree diagram:

    first point being ultimate goal (e.g get grades)

    draw branches saying what you need to do to get this goal (i.e learn syllabus of examination + practise exam)

    draw further branch to each of these, saying how to get each of this sub goal (i.e learn section one, learn section two)

    draw further branch to each of these, saying how to get each sub-sub goal (i.e section one contains this knowledge, that knowledge)

    continuing in this manner: you end up with list of precise task you need to do, all in receding hierarchy of size of goal.
    All the task are now already organised for you in overall goals by going up the tree diagram

    Fear of failure?

    this is happening mainly because of not having crystal clear picture of what you need to do to achieve ultimate goal. When you have crystal clear picture of all individual task you need to accomplish (see above) then the fear of failure can be divided into fear of failure of each individual task

    It is easy to fear you cannot get overall grade

    It is not as easy to fear you cannot learn the key points of section 1.3.3 in the syllabus (i.e read page 35 of you text book)


    sleep well consistently, do not sleep in on you break days. if you get up everyday same time and sleep every day same time, you never feeling tired. (even if overall you may be getting 6 hour sleep instead of 9 hours, consistency is key)

    obviously do not to less sleep than you can handle.

    It has to be 'all' or 'nothing', I cannot do 'all'.

    Correction: It can be either 'all', 'nothing', or 'something'.

    All is possible option for you if you looking at point one.
    Even if you adamant you cannot do 'all', which of the remaining two option is going to put you in best position?

    (related) Perfectionism

    'Perfect' does not exist. Even if you think you have done something 'perfect', there will always be a way where it could be a teeny bit better.

    Therefore, 'perfect' is an endless goal. When you understanding this, you can start thinking with the mind set: what is the maximum amount of perfection i can achieve with my time and resources?

    Don't know how to start this.

    Some people may be doing point 1, but still not starting.

    Mindset solution:
    The thing you have to do to 'start' is not going to change if you leave it for tomorrow or next week. When it comes next week, you still having to do the same thing to 'start' that you would have had to do a week ago to 'start'

    I have done all the above, identified all reasons for my procrastination and outlined exactly how to overcome them. I am still procrastinating to overcome my procrastination.

    Simple question resolution to this:

    [ ] Now? [ ] Later?

    Which is the option which will alleviate you distress from procrastination?

    One option destroying the distress, one option is making zero action to destroy distress.

    so real question: do i want to stop procrastinating?

    [ ] yes? [ ] no?

    Final thought (my conjecture):

    Laziness does not exist. It is arbitrary word used to collectively define 'not doing work when I should'. Is having no intrinsic meaning.

    All the good to you all.

    I think a london met poster on my wall was enough to motivate me out of my procrastination. Just looking at it gave me the shivers!

    Nice to see you post sensibly for a change. Keep the good work up and you'll be a moderator in no time.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this very helpful advice.
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