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Have you struggled with your sexuality at some point in your life? Yes/no? Watch

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    Yes - But I am now confident with my sexuality
    Yes - I am still not sure where my sexuality lies
    No - I have always been confident in my sexuality

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    Regardless of whether you currently identify as straight, bisexual, gay or whatever else.

    By "struggle" I mean internal struggle, not external. Have you ever not been sure? For example, if you have always known from childhood that you're gay and your only problem has been telling your parents, I wouldn't describe that as a struggle in this context. If its taken some time to really develop your feelings (or indeed, if you still aren't sure) then answer "yes."

    Feed free to add your orientation if you like, I am interested, but it's not necessary.

    Never ever struggled B)

    I can overcome barriers too easily in life.

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    I think there's times where gentle and passive blokes like me look at the laddish, blokey hard blokes wonder if we're too soft, but when you actually meet a real gay person you know that you're no-where near being gay. It's stupid particularly if you aren't attracted to men, more of a whole insecure about your masculinity, especially if you have rather thin forearms like I have (although I've been correcting this with lifting at the gym). Things like the small forearms feel feminine and sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and makes me think I'm not quite as manly.

    Other than that, the closest thing is wanting to explore anal stimulation though with a woman or not at all. Men have g spots there, which is probably why having a particularly large crap feels quite satisfying.
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    I have never struggled, I know what I am and I embrace it, no internal nor any external struggles in my life regarding my sexuality. I'd go as far to say that my sexuality is the only thing I am dead certain on :lol:
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    A few years ago I was confused. It all started when a friend (girl) and I became a little bit too attracted to each other.
    It sort of became public too (unfortunately), because some guy who had a problem with me started to talk bad about me.
    I didn't know who to talk to back then, so it was quite hard on me.
    I overcame the mental conflict and now am confident of my orientation

    No I'm quite passionate about vagina.

    Not with regards to sexual orientation, I've always been really attracted to boobs and repulsed by penis.

    Some of the stuff I'm into is a bit frowned upon, so I've doubted myself in that sense a bit.
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    I'm a girl, 20.

    Yes I have struggled with my sexuality. And it goes a little something like this...In my eyes...

    Woman can be so lovely, warm and understanding, men can be too. I love it when men are protective to me, but women can be too. Men can be disarmingly strong and independent, women can be too. Men can be honest, loyal friends, women have been too.

    Basically if a person is attractive, they're usually attractive because of personality type to me.

    When it comes to physical attraction. I think I can't help but want to be looked after and held by a man. But I think being with a woman would be so self affirming.

    Sexually speaking, I thinking there are sexy women and sexy men.

    Long term partner/marital partner- men.

    Fling- maybe a woman, haven't yet though. It would be experimental.

    Friends- both. People are just nice, if they're nice people. Nothing to add.

    Yes, I doubt I will ever be 100% confident but I am 90% sure of what my sexual orientation is
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