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Right need to find a job. Not being 18 until middle of August has really messed things up because I can't get any bar work. Got some odd jobs that I am being paid for but I need a regular income.

Below is my CV minus personal details:

I aim to further my development by improving my team work and customer handling abilities in order to prepare me for post-university.

2001-2006 Skegness Grammar School
A2 Levels Results due August 06
AS Levels Grade A (Geography, ICT, General Studies)
Grade B (Mathematics)
Grade C (Chemistry)
GCSE 1A* 8A 1B

1999-2001 Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle

Volunteer Work
Sixth Form Prefect:

This role involved ensuring that all younger pupils are settled at the school and in the boarding house by being available for them to approach at any point should they be having problems in a mentoring aspect or through becoming involved in periods of difficulty. The role also involved ensuring that pupils maintained a polite and sensible manor throughout.

Lower Sixth Charity Committee:

This role involved organizing and running a number of fund raising activities throughout the school year in order to provide entertainment for younger pupils and to raise money for LIVES and Leukemia Reasearch. Examples of activities include sports day, discos and numerous cookie sales.


Skegness Grammar School (Junior Sports Leadership Award)

“The Junior Sports Leaders Award (JSLA) is a nationally recognised qualification and is designed to provide a starting point for young people aged 14 - 16 who want to develop their sports leadership skills.
The aim of the award is to develop generic skills that can be applied to a variety of sporting activities, as well as contributing to the candidate's personal and social education.
It is a practical qualification in which candidates demonstrate knowledge and understanding mainly through physical competence rather than written work.
More importantly, the JSLA provides a fun courses for young people to participate in and to give them an insight into the enjoyment that one can gain through sports leadership”

Interests and Activities
I have a keen interest in sports. I have represented Skegness Grammar School up to U-18 level and trained for Alford and Skegness Men for hockey. I am also a keen golfer playing regularly on the local course around Lincoln and Skegness. I also take a keen interest in politics and economics and will be going on to study the latter at university in October 2006. Another of my interests is music and I regularly attend live concerts in the local area.

Computer Skills
I am proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher. I also have a reasonable understanding of Microsoft Powerpoint. I have a knowledge of HTML and CSS for web design and of SQL for database management. I have an understanding of Zope database management software. I am expected to obtain grade A at A2 Level ICT and I am comfortable with both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Work Experience
PKF Accountants

I spent a week with the company taking in all aspects of accounting include tax and corporate accounting. The position involved working with computers and spreadsheets for data entry as well as using specialist tax software. I also took part in customer interviews, taking notes of aspects deemed important to the organisation.


any input would be appriciated
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Just a very very quick initial impression, but I'd make more of your work experience - at the very least put it before your awards/interests because it's far more relevant. A CV is about making the information as easy to find as possible with the least effort on the part of the person reading (or more usually, skimming) it, so I'd also replace 'Skegness Grammar School (Junior Sports Leadership Award)' with just 'Junior Sports Leadership Award' and, if you really want to have your interests and computer skills on there, bullet point them.

I'll try and have a proper look at it later but I'm sure other people will jump in first with more helpful stuff Good luck!
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It's good on content but there are a few things that need changing.

1. The objective bit should be written in the third person, stupid I know but that is the proper way of doing it.

2. Re-jig the order, work experience and volunteer work is pretty much the same thing. I would also do Interests and activities then references for your last areas.

3. I would also bullet point some of the areas.

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