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    what modules did you people study for maths AS,

    i personally studdy P1,P2, and S1

    however every other school near me, studys M1, P1 and S1

    this seems about unfair to people who are doing only AS, as P2 is quite alot more difficult to grasp than M1,

    your thoughts?

    I did P1, M1, S1. This year, P2, P3 and M2.

    P1, P2 and S1.. Yeh I know what you mean by the difficulty levels - P2 is way above the standard that's already set remarkably high for AS.

    P2 is actually a A2 level exam-its just many schools choose to sit it in the first year so u have the possibility of resitting it and that way u dont have to learn p2 and p3 in such a short time. U have to do P2 and P3 to get the full A level, if u dont its only an AS.
    Personally i did P1 P2 and S1 at AS and got a B because i only got 60% in p2.
    This year has been so much easier. I did P3 D1 S2.
    doing P3 made P2 seem so easy and so i expect to get at least 85% in p2 this year. S2 is much easier than s1 in my opinion. S2 is very predictable since there is so little syllabus. Im not a big fan of D1, maybe because its so straighforward that it seems stupid. If u think too much in D1 ull get it wrong. Hope that helps

    Pure 1
    Mechanics 1
    Decision and Discrete 1

    With reference to AQA...

    I'm doing A-Level Maths & Further Maths so I've got not only a load more Maths to get through, but also a lot more combinations of what could actually be taken and thrown together to pick up the award.

    At ours though, for Maths the standard one is:

    Methods (Me) (June 2002 - A - 86)
    Pure 1 (P1) (November 2002 - B - 73, Resat June 2003)
    Mechanics 1 (M1) * (June 2002 - A - 83)

    To complete the A-Level its:

    Statistics 1 (S1) ** (January 2003 - A - 87)
    Pure 2 (P2) (Friday 13th June)
    Pure 3 (P3) (Thursday 19th June)

    Further Mathematics:

    Discrete 1 (D1)* (June 2002 - B - 77, Resat November 2002 - A - 88)
    Pure 4 (P4) (January 2003 - U - 19, Friday June 13th 2003)
    Pure 6 (P6) (June 2002 - B - 75)

    Mechanics 2 (M2)** (Tuesday 17th June 2003)
    Statistics 2 (S2)** (Thursday 19th June 2003)
    Pure 5 (P5) (Thursday 05th June 2003)

    * Represents AS Applied units that the Exam board can reshuffle around.

    ** Represents A2 Applied units that the exam board will shuffle.

    The official line is that the Exam board decide what combination of units will be used, using as few UMS marks as possible, to give the best possible outcome, looking after Maths first, then Further Maths. The pupil and the centre, have no say in the matter at all.


    "i personally study P1,P2, and S1

    however every other school near me, studys M1, P1 and S1"

    If the people at this school are doing the A2 in Maths with no intention to collect the AS at the end of it, this combination (M1, P1, S1) is fine in the first year.

    However if someone wanted to claim an AS Maths after those three units, they wouldn't be able to do it because half of every Maths qualification MUST be Pure. This is clearly 2/3 applied.

    This is the advantage of AQA A specification, where Methods (Me), is weighted half pure, half applied, meaning that in the AS year, not only do you not do more Pure than is required, you also don't end up doing an A2 unit at the back end of the AS year !

    for the MEI A level in maths for OCR you have to study pure 1,2 and 3 and then 3 other units

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    However if someone wanted to claim an AS Maths after those three units, they wouldn't be able to do it because half of every Maths qualification MUST be Pure. This is clearly 2/3 applied.
    Yeah, the AS would just be classed as AS Applied Maths.

    I too did Pure 1, Mechanics 1, Decision and Discrete 1 (Applied Maths) my college don't run the P1, P2, +1 Applied option.

    I'm doing maths and further maths by the AQA over 2 years:

    January 2002
    - Methods

    Summer 2002
    - P1
    - M1
    - S1
    - S2

    November 2002
    - D1

    January 2003
    - P2
    - P3

    Summer 2003
    - P4
    - P5
    - P6
    - M2

    ive just finished year 12 and this year im doing

    P1 P2 P3 M1 M2 S1 for A level Maths

    Next year im doing

    P4 P5 P6 M3 M4 D1 for Further Maths Should be Fun!!!

    What is methods ??

    Originally posted by mrmarsupial
    What is methods ??
    It's a compulsory Maths AS Module on the AQA syllabus - a small introduction to differentiation, integration, statistics and other things

    Here are the contents pages from a revision guide:

    so a cross between pure, stats then?

    when i started my A level course in 2000 (we was the guineapig year for ciriculum2000). the maths department made us do P1, P2 n S1.

    But they realised at the end of the year loads of people failed and dropped it, so instead next year round 1st yr maths student only sat the '1' (P1, D1, M1 or S1). This made it easier to achieve an AS in maths but is was unfair to students from my year who dropped maths after achieving a bad grade in P2.

    The modules i sat for my A Level maths was P1, P2, S1 (1st yr) then P3, S2 and D1 (i didnt want to do the cw in S3 so i did D1 instead).

    Originally posted by mrmarsupial
    so a cross between pure, stats then?
    The book is weighted half Pure, half Applied (Stats), meaning that the candidates for the AS will sit:

    Pure 1
    + Other Applied Unit (Discrete 1 / Mechanics 1)

    That means this course gives the students no more Pure content than they need to have in an already tricky AS year.

    Also, they don't end up having to sit Pure 2, an A2 unit, in the first year.

    I took P1, M1 and S1 this year am doin P3 P2 and S2. P2 actually appears in AS revision guides and takes place in the exam series after P3 (Edexcel) because they consider P1 and P2 as AS.
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    how easy is methods...????...easier than P1?

    Originally posted by Asha
    how easy is methods...????...easier than P1?
    Easier by far, but then because some of the Pure content in the Methods book, (ie introduction of differentiation, and integration) would be in the Pure 1 of other exam boards, the Pure 1 contains stuff that may appear in other books later on.

    AQA's Pure 1 is famously difficult because it starts lots of different topics. The book has lots of pages (117 or something)

    This sitting however the Pure 1 paper appeared particularly easy.

    Methods also contains some statistics, which is a doddle to get through.

    Rather than just a full book of Pure.... we all know how boring that gets.
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