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Halls of residence

I have applied to go into nursing at Wolverhampton Uni and have my interview on the 6th June,I was thinking accomadation and wondered what the halls of residence in the city centre is like?
Is it clean and private and is it quiet enough to actually study ?
I don't need anything fancy but i do need to be somewhere quieter to study and sleep, especially if have to find a job in between to help with the bills.
Any advice would be great.:angel:
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I presume you mean in Wolverhampton City centre (we have campuses in Telford and Walsall too, so thought I would double check).

The cheapest accomodation in halls is Randle Lines, it is 12 to a corridor sgharing showers, loos, kitchens etc. Randall lines has a very friendly atmosphere and most of the students who stay there tend not to leave. However, there is now a building site next door, so my advice - don't bother, you won't be able to quietly study there for the next two years at least!

The mid-range accomodation is Lomas Street. The rooms here are fairly nice and normally the area is pretty quiet. There are 6 students to a kitchen, toilet and shower, which isn't too bad.

Top of the range for halls is North Road. North road is 6 to a corridor and kitchen, but the rooms have en-suite toilet/shower rooms. North road is pretty good, I stayed there for two years. But I found there was an increasing problem with the amount of noisy (mostly foreign) students at night. This was rare when I first moved in, but last year it got pretty bad (until evictions started happening). Don't let that put you off, for the majority North road is pretty good.

All uni facilities have free internet access and free wahing/drying facilities.

Across the road from North Road is Fiveways halls. fiveways is NOT owned by the university. For quite a bit more money you get a small dining/sitting room per corridor of 4. Also there is the option of double-rooms, and there is a lot more storage space.

I enjoyed living in Nrth Road, but Lomas is pretty good too. Personally I wouldn't recommend Randall lines because of the building site next door.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks for the infor Karl it is helpful.
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all de Halls of Residence are kinda fine to me...but it all depends on ur accessibility and convenience...i stayed at the Telford Campus wen i attended Wolves Uni and nvr can i ask for was great , good environment, n ur conected to the Net all de time.....mizz Telford a lotzzzz
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is they a free gym available at wlv???