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mulberry court??

hey could anyone tell me a little bit about mulberry court or philharmonic cos im thinking of applying to one of these but ive never visited either of them. i like the idea of being fairly central and in self catering.
im a very social person so wouldnt like to be way out from all the studenty areas.

any opinions would be great!! :smile:
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they're both ****. Mulberry is horrid. Don't appy there.
Students in Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
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erm. if u really wanna choose mulberry. try n get the newer block which is the chestnut house if i am not mistaken. apart from that block, the rest of the blocks in mulberry sucks. philharmonic as a whole is nice. i am staying here now. :smile:
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I did a review about all accommodation ages ago and it's still the same! Check it out....
thank god for the review Jamie

i had applied Mulberry Court 3rd option but after that i quickly changed it to Philharmonic PHEW :rolleyes:

i like Dale Self Catered - only 16 place?? and males?? can you shed some light on this mate?

and i applied for Derby and Rathbone are the room sizes good for this? i liked the fact they did squash and table tennis which are my favourite sports along the likes of cricket and football etc..
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I'm glad you changed your mind! One of my mates is in Dale, he's catered n loves it :smile: because there's only 2 people sharing a bathroom! I've never checked out the self catered bit...and I have no idea why it's male only. You might find this link helpful... I wrote some stuff about D n R in there. D n R rooms are MUCH bigger than Dale (or any other Uni accommodation for that matter).
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what about phil...what are the rooms like there. I heard you cant really socialise.
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Did you not the link I already posted? Philharmonic is not amazing but it's nice. The rooms are about the same size as my room in R n G - mediumish as far as halls go. The rooms are plain but have everything u need....desk, bed, wash basin n I can't remember if they had a mirror.

When I visited there were lots of social things going on. Being self catered you bond more with a few people than everyone. But there's nothing stopping you from introducing yourself to neighbouring flats and other blocks. What I mean by social is that people actually like going out and it's not dead quiet all the time and has a good atmosphere. And of course you can socialise, Hardman Street and the town centre are close by...filled with many student bars/clubs.
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thanks soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh! x