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Exeter rowing for ancient postgrad?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone here rows for Exeter, and would be able to enlighten me about the possibility of a 33 yr old female being able to row? I rowed at US Naval Academy (very briefly) in 1990 but had other pressures and gave it up. I did enjoy it alot, though and I thought maybe I might look into it at Oxford.
Is there an "medium-level" of commitment available, as I am sure I will be swamped with research and of course my 4 kids.....? Still, if there is a chance to get out on the river again, that would be awesome.
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If Exeter's anything like Lincoln they'll be nothing stopping you! We had two female doctors (not medics, but post-doc research students) in our W1 last term and they were certainly nearer your age than mine (19!). They managed to fit in lots of training around their busy days in labs researching, but unlike you didn't have children. I'm sure you could easily row for Exeter's W2 or something and still have time for your job and your family!
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hiya, i spent saturday down at the boathourses for summer eights regatta, and know quite a few of the women who row. there are two boats, and there would be absolutely nothing stopping you rowing at all. i think the W1 have 2 or 3 outings a week, one at the weekends, but am not sure about the W2. but if you wanna row, you will be able to, it's oxford! :smile:
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Thanks to both Hoofbeat and Russel G, I will definitely check out W2 at Exeter when I get there. I can't believe I will be there in 3 months!
(We are coming early, so kids can start primary school on time)