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I have a very strange problem: I'mfrom outside of England and I have been accepted to Central Saint Martin's and Chelsea for BA in Fine Art. And I have also been accepted to study BA Photography at London College of Communication. On all of these threads I couldn't really find a post on my specific problem.
I realise that no one studies in all of these schools, but there are many people here which have experienced studying in one of these degrees. I would be extremely glad if anyone with any knowledge of any of these degrees gives me any insight they may have on these degrees.
Firstly, can any one make any comparison between BA Fine Art at CHelsea or CSM? What are the main differences? In terms of facilities, in terms of tutors, the student experience, the general vibes, how students develop, career opportunities and so on!
I have heard that the the teaching method for Fine Art in England is very self-directed. Where I come from, there are more formal studies in an art degree, like history of art, and more technical studies like drawing and photography and such, and of course lectures. Should I not be expecting to learn these things in England? Do you dive straight into the conceptual art world? The schools must be good right? Do you just pay for the name perhaps? I'm quite worried, because when I studies art in high school I thrived when we had more set lessons and assignments, but when we were totally free to do what we wanted I didn't think we were getting any knowledge at all.

Now for a totally separate question, which will later connect to the first question. BA Photography at LCC - has anyone studied there? Does anyone know anything about the facilities, tutors, teaching methods, career opportunities, and so on? I honestly don't know what to do, I have worked as a photojournalist, and I think that studying Photography generally could be good and help me maybe be a fine artist in photography, or a commercial photographer or many other things (although I am strongly against fashion photography).
A veeeery important question for me and other people is: Photography is a big part of what I want to do, even if I become a fine artist, so will I really get any skills and will I be get the necessary photography knowledge if I study fine art? Because I like many aspects of fine art, but I'm afraid you can't get a deep understanding of any specific area, such as photography, painting, and so on. I may be totally wrong though, which is why I'm asking.

Anyways, aaaany help at all will be appreciated beyond what I can express with words. I am very confused, and I have to make up my mind in the next few days!
Thanks again!
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CSM is stricter than Chelsea which is fairly laid back . Both have a world class standard and are competitive. The degrees are both self directed , there are no 'lessons' and the degree is based on self research . You will be expected to make work in workshops where you may have a technician to help but the direction is your own . . You will need an art foundation beforehand where you will study technical aspects of art such as life drawing and basic camera use, before embarking on any art degree in the uk .they will not teach you how to draw and paint etc on a degree you are expected to know that already ,but the BA'S are open to self directed exploration be that technical or conceptual . LCC photography , again project lead , but as it is a BA In Photography they will teach you technical stuff . Hope this is useful .
Graduate Fine Art Chelsea.

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