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    Hello all, i'm making this post anonymous for the fact many people i know visit this site daily, and them reading this would be mortifying for me, and would complicate things drastically.

    I'm an 18 year old with aspergers syndrome, in the middle of college study after leaving a specialized school for autistic children. this greatly affected my GCSE study and i left school with 1 GCSE, this lead me down a path of serious depression, which has never surfaced itself as of now. I've been at college for 2 years and have had a fantastic time, however recently some very close friends have had concerns that my attitude and mood / behavior can be extremely volatile, erratic, and in some cases, scary.

    At first i thought it was just me changing, growing up and all the common cliches that you hear from people at my age, however in recent months I've began to have serious doubts as to if that is the actual problem, and looking back, I've noticed that my moods have changed from absolute ecstatic, to suicidal-depressive in the space of minutes. I've also become extremely irritable and this is beginning to seriously impact my relationship with friends.

    my worries were confirmed about 3 days ago when, as i sat in my room at home, i began to sink into a serious state of mania, almost psychotic state of mind. I was paranoid to the point of being absolutely convinced my friends were planning some sort of attack or humiliation stunt against me, that i began writing a list of people i could trust and couldn't trust. this lasted for about 5-6 hours and after the period, i became extremely happy and somewhat overconfident about my university prospects.

    As of right now I've no idea what to really do with this, its affecting my studies to the point of failing my subjects and if that were to happen, it would get potentially worse. its also affecting my social life to the point of constant arguments. So, what should i do?

    any advice is highly appreciated, Thanks, Anonymous.
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    I cant help with any particular aspects really but this sounds like its reall hard for you to deal with alone. I'd suggest you talk to your doctor about these feelings as they will be the most able to help you. It's rather scary (in my experience anyway) visiting a doctor about something like this but it really does help. They deal with this sort of thing loads of the time and are totally non judgemental. They're also more knowledgeable about it so have more ways they can help you. There's loads of support for you too, not just here but on many websites etc. a few sites I'd suggest you look at are Mind, Sane, And Samaritans. They all have great advice that has helped me understand feelings a bit like yours and gave me the strength and motivation to help myself recover.

    stay strong, you're not alone in this x
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