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    FIRST OFF. Is it easy to get in to Aberystwyth?

    I am a junior right now at an american highschool.
    and I am extremely interested in studying in the UK. I am from America. I came across a program called " Across the Pond" and am planning on applying with them, they helped me find a few schools.They are pretty much the middle man. I will be studying film, and I came across Aberystwyth University in Wales with a pretty awesome sounding program. I fell in love and that is my top choice school. I am looking for someone just to say anything. Such as general information about the schools reputation, and acceptance rate and flexibility. Is the school easy to get in to ? A good school for film?) I looked it up on google , and it said the acceptance rate is 94 percent. I also talked to a counselor from the school and they said there is a 1:2 serious applicant to acceptance ratio.
    MY PROBLEM: I have a 2.3 GPA. and am anticipating receiving a 20 on my ACT ( and retaking it). ( not sure if any one is familiar with that stuff.. - im not familiar with tariff points or anything) but thats not really good... at all. I am not sure how much this matters to the school. Does it make a big impact? ( I will be explaining in my personal statement what went wrong in school and how I had a bunch of family stuff and mental stuff going wrong and how that took a huge toll on my grades. My teacher is also writing me a recommendation vouching for me.)

    With international students, what are they looking at when they accept you?
    Will my personal statement be the big thing they look at ? They said they look at a student holistically. I am so nervous and this is really the only school I want to get into and go to. I need some sort of answer, reassurance, or just anything. AH. Thanks alot !

    I'm not sure how the US grade system works but you will have to find out how many UCAS tariff points your grades are worth and then compare this to the specified ammount of UCAS points needed to get onto the course you want to do. (See if you can find anything on here: http://www.ucas.com/students/ucas_tariff/tarifftables/)

    If you are slightly below what you need there is a chance you will get accepted anyway (I know many who were in this situation but from the UK) but the further you are away from the specified UCAS points the more chance you will not be accepted. I would not dwell on anything like 'acceptance rates' or things like this because at the end of the day it isn't good to gamble on a statistic found on Google and the rate no doubt changes every year and varies depending on the course and number of applicants. For example, if the course has 60 places and 100 people apply with only 40 making the grades then 20 will who did not make the grades will get on, if the next year 100 more people apply and this time 60 of them get the grades then nobody who did not meet the requirement will be accepted.

    In answer to the question of "do grades make a big impact?" - Yes, of course they do. I'm not sure what it is like in the US but here you get into university based mainly on grades, I don't think the personal statement carries much weight these days when there are quite a lot of university applicants meeting the required grades. To be honest in the personal statement is more about selling yourself and talking about what you like (For intance in mine I said I have an active interest in history and talked about what I wanted to do after university and why history would be a useful subject), I would not use it to put forward excuses for bad grades. I would get your teacher to talk about those things in the recommendation they write as you have to agree that from the university's point of view if every student wrote personal statements that just had excuses for bad grades then grades would lose their meaning entirely, it looks much better and more professional if you can get a member of staff from your school to write something along the lines of "This student can do much more but extra-curricular circumstances affected their grades etc."

    I hope this has helped you somewhat, please let us know if you have any other questions and let us know how you get on. Good luck!

    Aberystwyth is not a particularly hard uni to get into so as long as your academically sound, you should be ok. Check the website to see entry requirements. If there not there email them of phone them (remembering international charges).

    As regards to ur PS check some examples.

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    (Original post by daniellequinn211)
    To answer your first question, it can't be assesed like that. Gaining a place to study a subject be it Interpol, Equine Studies, Tourism Management has completely different requirements. Every single department has a different ideology on how they give out offers, these offers are based on that one persons application. For example, for my course (Marketing) I had a totally different offer to one of a friend who does exactly the same course.

    For your second question, it totally depends again. Obviously I have no experience of the offers that the Film & Television department give out, but I recognise that people seem to like it there so it must be decent therefore I expect the offers to be competitive when compared against other universities. As JordE quite rightly says, don't base your application purely on statistics. Statistics can be made to say anything, good or bad so don't use them to see how gauge reputation, academic excellence etc.

    Onto your third question, grades are a massive part of your application to university. This isn't sixth form (or the equivalent in the US) where you needed just a set of ok grades. To gain a place in any university you need to stand out from the crowd, show the university how good you are. Granted, grades considered 'good' by one university wont mean that they are considered 'good' at every university. Your personal statement matters a great deal as well. This isn't a chance for you to say sorry for messing up on certain exams or explaining why you got poor grades, this bit your teacher will/should write about in their reference. The personal statement as JordE has already said is to sell yourself, to say how great you are and why the university department should have you as a student there.

    Since you probably don't know much about the university and town in general, I think you should research more into the place. You have to look at the full package of things. Would you be happy living in a small town or do you want to live in a large city? There are always basic things that are massively overlooked when choosing universities which are vital in your experience while here.

    JordE's and my post are the best answers you will be able to get from UK based students with no real knowledge or experience of the US education system. Nobody except the Aberystwyth admissions team will be able to tell you if you'll have a definite chance of gaining a offer. I recommend contacting the admissions office and one of the departmental leaders in the Film & Television department and discussing your application at length. They will be able to give you the best advice as your application will be going to them after all when you submit it.

    Good luck in your application.
    (Original post by JordE)
    Brilliant reply JordE, I couldn't have put it better myself! :cool:
    If I could rep you I could, but I've repped you too much!
    (Original post by Sneaky Badger)
    Since you're a student at the University of Bristol, I think someone with experience of successfully gaining a place at Aberystwyth University should answer the OP's question. These things aren't done on universal set criteria, different departments in the same university are totally different so different universities will be well...

    Also, as a community assistant and moderator of this Aberystwyth forum, I'd like to remind you that TSR does not allow text speak on its forum. Please adhere to the site rules found here in your future posts.
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