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    Hi, is anyone able to mark this without the context or picture, this is question 2 linking headline to text. This took me 12 mins to do. By the way this is the text and picture from the January 2013 paper.

    The use of the word Monster,’ in the headline is effective because it uses hyperbole which draws the reader to the word with exaggerating with the word ‘Monster’ how these harmless jellyfish are deadly, dangerous suggesting to the reader that these jelly fish aren't what we assume and leaving the reader on the note that these jellyfish are superior.
    This links to the text because the text, talks about the ‘Godzilla film’ this links with ‘Monster’ because they sound similar in context since we associate ‘Godzilla’ as a monster being independent and both suggest elements of being dangerous enemies and being the impossible within our minds. Therefore the reader might relate these jellyfish as deadly and like ‘Godzilla’ can cause lots of damage if they get out. This is further reinforced by the quote ‘destroy’ suggesting these jellyfish could one day have the ability to destroy our civilization and destroy anything in their path but one day will be killed.
    The use of the word ‘Slimezilla’ in the headline is effective because it contains a pun which draws the reader attention slurring two words together to present a mysterious different meaning. The word ‘Slimezilla’ suggests these jellyfish are deadly and have abilities normal jellyfish don’t have. This links to the text because the text talks about ‘Godzilla.’ This links with ‘Slimezilla’ since they have a similarity of ‘zilla’ which shows these two meanings have the same characteristics and is used to exaggerate how these jellyfish are threatening and can ‘inflict’ real damage to our civilisation. We associate inflict as damage and strong and these jellyfish will get stronger and stronger meaning they will destroy more and the damage they will cause will be more than we expect. This is later reinforced by the quote ‘typhoon’ this suggests that there is a contrast since ‘zilla’ shows they will all be like ‘Godzilla’ all but mighty but since there will be more this just one they will have more impact not making the mistakes ‘Godzilla’ in the survival of the fittest. These jellyfish will take over our society destroying us humans and could come at any moment. We associate ‘typhoon’ as bigger, stronger, protective, impossible to beat and continuously breeding meaning more and more of these jellyfish creating a bigger impact while ‘Godzilla’ there was only just one which was small but mighty but a 'typhoon' is big but has little effect.
    One way the headline is effective is through the use of knowing the jellyfish.This is effective because it draws the readers attention to how big the jellyfish actually are and having to investigate seems a problem. This links to the text when the text talks about them being ‘ 6ft wide, up to 200kg’ and the jellyfish in the picture shows how big this jellyfish is and how a ‘gathering’ will require more divers meaning this will be a impossible job to get rid of them and requiring a torch to investigate shows they don’t know what there looking for.This is reinforced by the quote ‘half a dozen’ jellyfish and a army of jellyfish will grow damaging more than just a fishing net.
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    oh right thx
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