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    A drunk driver hit my car whilst I was parked. The police gave me details the day after and coincidentally I knew this woman for 4-5 years. She came over to my house the day after and was adamant it wasn't her, but a guy who crashed into my car. She's been charged with drink driving.

    I got a damage estimate, and it was over £1500 worth of damage.

    I spoke to next door neighbours and they were adamant it was her who crashed into me. A woman told me she was the one who reported it.

    The girl who crashed into me asked to meet me at her house. I went over and she told me she went to the police and changed her statement and got the guy to also. She said she's still been charged with drink driving but the guy who crashed the car has no licence. She's worried she's getting preventing the court of justice. (the drink driving charge hasn't been revoked yet).

    She said that she was blackmailed to say it was her who drove the car by the family. Threatening her with rape, beating her up etc. She said the woman who grassed her up didn't like her and was loopy. (though when I spoke to the woman she seemed sane to me.) She asked me if I made a statement and I said no as I didn't witness it.

    She tried to get me to go to a different garage to get a cheaper quote but I said no. She also asked me if I spoke to the woman who reported her.

    So my question is. What's the chance of her charge being revoked? If she is innocent, I don't want her to get in trouble and the people she mentioned are seemingly a very mean bunch. IF the guy who crashed into me gets charged, uninsured... How is he gonna pay me? Court fines?

    I'm a bit sceptical about her stories. She changes her story every minute and she's been in trouble with police for a lot of things. She told me she has mental conditions and I think she's trying to manipulate me.

    I said to her that we will have to wait and see what the police do as I didn't see anything, I can't do anything to help her.

    I know I probably come across as unempathic but it's hard to describe a person on an internet forum. I don't want her to get in trouble if she's innocent but if she's guilty, I don't want to pay for her mistakes.

    Let the police deal with it. Any losses can be recouped in court, but may take a while.

    Also, avoid any future contact with this woman, and if she harasses you, report it.

    have you informed your insurance company of the accident?

    if not,

    ring up your insurance company tell them whats happened give them the crime reference number and the police id number or what ever details you other party vehicle number, name etc what ever you know

    they will sort the rest out.. don't talk to her anymore

    no her insurance company is liable for the damages to your car but they will go after the guy once they put you in the place you was before accident

    so my advice is ring your insurance company now and inform them, you can also inform your own insurance company for information purpose only and ring up their party's insurance company directly however i wouldn't advise this as i have had bad experience myself contacting third party insurer directly as they don't work in your favor

    You can either make a claim on your own policy and let your insurance claim it back from third party (this will mean you need to pay your excess) can be claimed once liability sorted

    or your insurance company will pass you to their claims management company which is same as credit if they can't recover money from third party you will be liable (i think not too sure)

    forget about the uninsured driver, its not for you to think about... if the car itself was uninsured them MIB would have paid but in this case the ladys insurance will pay out and go after her/ the guy
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    Yeah, I've told my insurance company that she's also been charged with drink driving. Thanks for the comments, a bit of reassurance at least.
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