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    I will try to be brief but my only friend I feel I could talk about this with is at uni, the rest of my friends I just don't feel comfortable. Here I go.. Met this girl alittle over a year ago on a night out, she came back to mine, did the deed. I was a virgin, im pretty sure she was a virgin although she said she wasn't, but I said I wasn't first so who knows. Anyways woke up, turns out she isn't from where I live and was just here for a night out, was very very gutted. Anyhow she got home the nxt day after sneeking out of my house haha, and txt to say she was home blah blah had fun etc... We text none stop for 3 days, was so crindgy haha but was equally as lovely. I booked a train and hotel and said im coming to see you babe! She didn't believe me until I rocked up that Friday aha! Was absolutely amazing, hounestly sparks couldn't have flew much higher, we were perfect for eachother, she is so cute and everything ive ever wanted! We woke up the next day (didn't have sex again) and were discussing our next meet, she said she would come to me next time, was so exiting you wouldn't believe it. Was like my little solo mission going to see her! I said she should stay at my house for the weekend, she said great, was still very exiting. Anyways time came for me to go, we shared a taxi, I give her a kiss, and we said see you soon as we stared longingly into eachothers eyes. Anyways she didn't come see me for 3 months due to a holiday to pay for and stuff, wouldn't let me go see her cos it was her turn to pay, very annoying. Ended up arguing befor she came, I said some horrible things that I didn't mean, we made up, she came, was abit awkward but was still very happy to see her cheeky little smile. went to the pics and it felt awkward to put my around her and stuff, was werid, had been too long I think. she went home the next day a day earlier than she was going to. She said it wasn't going anywhere, it crushed me, not proud to say I cried like a baby in the middle of town hiding behind my steering wheel. We still talked, said she was going to come back, then we argued again. She started datin another lad, I met another girl. Then it all ended. No contact atall. I was heartbroken. Girl i met ended up playing me for a fool, i didn't care had no interest anyways she was the keen one. anyways i did get over it. until 4 months later when she text again saying how are you etc, talked for about 20 mins then i went to sleep. text her the next day and she didn't reply. asked if i had got the wrong impression when she text, said she has a boyfriend now etc. That was it, her firmly implanted back in my head, along with the new guy. here we are 6 month on, still cant get her out of my head, i need help, why cant i stop thinking about her! (sorry couldn't do paragraphs enter isn't working)

    paragraphs would help.
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    Like i said at the end paragraphs wouldnt work. My enter key on my phone just wouldnt wouldnt do anything. sorry.
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