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Revision Tips Please! watch

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    Hello people!
    Just wondering if you have any good revision tips cos I am struggling at the moment!

    practice loads of exam questions, if you can't answer them use a text book.

    What are the subjects you need to revise???

    If they are any of the ones im taking then I might be able to help with stuff.

    Hmm, i can give you some good do NOTs:

    Don't copy huge quantities out of your textbooks.
    Don't mindlessly do questions you can do, do the questions you CAN'T answer using your textbook, thinking etc.
    Don't just use a mark scheme and sit there looking up every answer you have any difficulty with.
    DON'T spend your time PLANNING your revision, spend 30 mins planning a brief outline for every subject then get cracking!
    DON'T do it later and go off to watch TV all night, decide when your going to start, and do it, you won't doing whatever you havn't done once you've done your revision.

    And as for tips,

    Make sure you know all your formulas! If you have any, knowing these can you get loads of marks just on the calculations.
    Practice a few test papers, making sure you understand why the answers are right, if you don't have a clue with any of them. Ask for help from someone.
    Do lots of LIGHT revision. Don't spend hours doing the same tedious questions, try and cover the whole syllabus in a couple of hours, it's possible if you get your technique sorted.

    Obviously some people might benefit from just copying out notes etc. but i find the majority do not so bare it in mind if that's what you do.

    Oh hey, your DO NOTS actually turned out to be my DOs. Procrastination is a curse.

    The key to getting really good grades is to do loads of past exam papers!! You'll find the same sorts of questions come up again and again with the sciences, just worded differently.

    Exams are no longer a test of knowledge for some people. Its more like a game where you need to say specific things that they want you to say and to watch out for little tricks they put in.

    I say that markschemes are the best way to revise. Look at the structure of the question, the way that the logic builds up to form the answer. Exam technique is where most candidates with high potential go down because they may say too much, or too little. Markschemes solves these problems. Study them, look at the different kinds of questions. Every year, the same kind of question usually appears again and again. You should not be missing these easy marks which you get from questions that look similar to ones in the past papers.
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    The exams I have left now are Science Two, English 2 and maths calculator. I have ICT also.
    Thanks for ur tips!

    i dont actually do anything till the last minute , and then i revise like crazy. listen music in the background. only revise what is in the syllabus. no point learning useless stuff. watch tv as much as u want.

    Also, try www.bbc.co.uk/revision . It really helps, and makes everything really easy to understand. And music does help, but don't put on headphones, b/c they make it harder to concentrate. Don't ask why, they just do. If you feel as if you can't be bothered revising, listen to energetic music that really gets you going, and if you feel nervous and panicked about hte exam, listen to calming music. And don't forget to treat yourself, that helps too! Oh yeah, and eat loadsa chocolate, it's proven to stimulate the brain!

    always listen to mozart. classic fm plays music for revision nowdays. apparently listening to mozart makes u more intelligent. i always listen to it. and always revise after 9 o clock at night.
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