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I noticed on here alot of people asking about getting hold of past papers for the A Level maths. Nobody has yet pointed out that AQAs website lists all the Maths exam papers from the January 2001 sitting, to the June 2002 sitting inclusive.

They are available, along with the mark schemes and also available are the examiners reports which contain the grade boundaries... ==> Qualifications ===> GCE AS/A2 ==> Mathematics A.

Then at the top, Assessment Materials.

Enjoy. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to get assess to them. They're all .pdf files.

Even if you're not on AQA, theres nothing wrong with downloading the papers, something on them is bound to match up, I know there is some overlap between different exam boards, but you might as well go through a whole series of exams. The Pure content, over all 6 (and a half) Pure units is compulsary content in Maths (and Further Maths) as fixed by the government.

The applied content maybe slightly different, but past questions are still past questions.

The OCR website ( offers the SPECIMEN papers only, and the mark schemes, and are held with the Specifications for a given subject.

Don't know about Edexcel and what they offer on line in terms of past papers.
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