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Oxford college rooms? any pics?

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St Hildas??? Pls
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No one has pics for Balliol? :frown:
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I have an offer for Greyfriars, and as it's fairly small student wise I'm not expecting pictures, but does anyone know either where the accomodation is, and what the rooms are like (eg ensuite (wishful thinking I think :P), 4 people sharing a bathroom etc). I stayed at Jesus, so whilst I got to experience two lovely rooms within that college, it's not much use to me now!
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Wadham anyone??
St Hildas??? Pls

You won't be staying in any of the rooms I've seen, sorry. JCR and MCR accomodation are separate.
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has anyone got pics of New College? thanks
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How about you folks just email the administative secretary asking for a brochure/pamphlet/information/pictures of the college accommodation? They would most certainly help you if it's within their means - that's the beauty of the Oxford collegiate system!
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has anyone got pics of New College? thanks

Have you tried looking on the New College JCR website? There might be some pics there. (Maybe.) I've heard it's nice, anyway.
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Hi, does anyone have pictures of rooms in Wolfson College (Oxford)? Any suggestion on what room to choose?

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