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Multiple Health issues... Should I be worried? Watch

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    I am a 17 year old male. I have a fair amount of health issues. I tend not to go to my GP as they have this '2 issues' policy and tend to ask you to come back another time. I thought the wealth of knowledge in TSR could guide and inform me on what to do.

    I always seem to feel stressed despite not having anything to stress over. I become anxious in social situations and totally shut off and ' hide in my shell'. I find it hard to concentrate on tasks and also have little motivation. I struggle to sleep for periods of over 4 hours without waking. I am slowly gaining weight in an unexplained manner. I am experiencing shortness of breath for no reason. I suffer from low self esteem a lot of the time. When i tilt my head my left ear makes a sound as if it is being blocked and finally I am constipated for days at a time and occasional feel pain when passing urine.

    This is unrelated to the other symptoms, i find it hard to extend my right thumb and several fingers fully without putting a lot of strain and effort into it, Whereas my left hand is a lot easier and perfectly fine. I am right handed. This causes me to cramp up and experience pain and discomfort when doing exams and long tasks. Also I struggle to breathe through my right nostril, when i touch my nose it makes a clicking sound.

    Thank you for reading


    Stress generally and in social situations: you need to read the article on her under 'health and relationships' called 'shyness'

    Concentration and little motivation: Try setting yourself goals, such as in the long term whether you want to go to university, or if you are working then where you want to get promoted to, or if you want to drive then saving up the money to do so. It will give you something to aim for and make you work out what you need to do to get there.
    Also try setting yourself smaller goals such as say a piece of chocolate after 20 minutes or 30 of straight work. This will also break up the time into more manageable chunks. If you don't work, you don't get the 'reward'.

    A lack of sleep: Might mean you aren't going to bed tired enough, or you're just one of those people who finds it hard to relax. Either way, try doing some light excercise to tire you out before bed so that you sleep more soundly, or have a relaxing bath if it's a case of not being able to relax. Also assess your room and activity in your home after you go to bed for anything such as light or humming from a radiator that could be disturbing you in your sleep.
    When you wake up during the night, try doing something active such as going for a walk around the house or reading for a short time which will make your brain active and should make you feel sleepy when you stop.
    I read an article recently about how throughout history things such as a first and second sleep were recorded, meaning that we used to divide our sleep into two and do something in between during the night.

    Shortness of breath might be related to your anxiety, or if you have noticed wheezing or a tight feeling it could be asthma. This is one of the things that your doctor needs to assess. However, it could also be due to lack of physical excercise which means that when you do walk faster or have a quick jog your body isn't used to it so it strains, in whcih case it might be an idea to intentionally be more active and intentionally breathe long and deeply to get your body more used to it. When you find yourself short of breath, the worst thing you can do is breathe shorter breaths, so try and breathe through your mouth when this happens so that the right nostril doesn't affect the amount of oxygen you can get into your lungs.

    Low self esteem, along with the lack of sleep and motivation or concentration could be a form of depression, but try other options to improve as many of the symptoms as possible before resulting to that.

    The constipation and blcoked ear put together sounds to me like you aren't drinking enough. To ease the constipation eat more fibrous foods such as wholemeal bread and more fruit and vegetables, but also make sure you drink enough. Also don't avoid going to the toilet when you feel the need as this encourages a build-up which makes constipation worse.

    The pain when passing urine is usually related to an STI, but don't worry as if you are not drinking enough it could just be the strength of what you are passing, in which case see if this improves with drinking more. If there is no imporvement, then it may be due to either a tight foreskin or an STI. Either way, this is something you need to see the doctor about if it doesn't clear up with drinking more.

    Also the worst thing you can do when you start to drink more is have alcohol as this actually makes you get rid of more water, so will make constipation worse. Avoid it as much as possible.

    The blocked ear could also be due to wax, which can be solved by ear drops you can pick up from your pharmacist which will soften the wax and it should come out by itself...which means you may find a lump on your pillow in the morning, but it's better than being half deaf! As well as this, you should be cleaning your ears often anyway with a cotton bud to remove excess wax because it is continually making its way out of your ears.

    Not being able to extend your fingers sounds like a more serious problem with muscle development to me, but the cramp with writing for a long time sounds familiar to me and I think everyone experiences it. You just have to stretch your hands out to get rid of it and carry on.

    Not being able to breathe through your right nostril could be temporary due to a blockage, which could also be due to dehydration, but could also be a deformation you were born with. Nothing to worry about as long as you manage to breathe okay normally and can breathe through your mouth successfully when requried to.

    My nose clicks. Perfectly normal in my opinion.

    Hope that helps. Sorry it's so long but you kinda asked for it with that list haha
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    Your concentration, sleep and motivation issues sound like depression, which would possibly be caused by your ongoing health issues.

    For maintaining proper health, you should eat suitable amount of calories, proteins and nutrition. It is very important to take proper diet that consists of useful proteins, nutrients and vitamins.

    Try to stay positive...maybe buy a few self help books?
    Do go to your GP but if you feel like talking to someone, there's nothing wrong in talking to a therapist.
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Updated: May 15, 2013
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