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English lit romeo and Juliet quotes! watch

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    Hi, I'll be taking my Igcse exam in English lit in a few days and I'm bricking it as I'm **** with remembering quotes. Now I've seen a lot of people saying "oh I memorised a couple of quotes for each character and got an a star blah blah" so I thought I'd ask if anyone could give me some good essential quotes to remember for the exam. Cheers!
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    A good way of remembering quotes imo is to read through the book and make notes on individual characters/themes. I'll give you a few I've learnt, but it will be easier to learn them if you analyse the book and find them :P

    'Madam I am here, What is your will?' (Juliet talking to Lady Capulet - obedient and respectful)
    'I'll look to like, if looking liking move' (Juliet talking to Lady Capulet about Paris)
    'Do not swear by the moon' (Juliet to Romeo telling him to speak plainly)
    'If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully' (Juliet telling Romeo to not speak with impressive language which sounds practiced in speech)
    'Take him and cut him out in little stars' (Juliet using a conceit like Romeo did to describe his beauty. Was previously asking him to speak faithfully and plainly, now she is using his type of language.
    'I have bought the mansion of love but not yet possessed it. Though I am sold, not yet enjoyed' (she has not yet had sex with Romeo. Not using crude imagery like Mercutio (I did a quote on him towards the bottom). Shows she is more mature, even though she is younger).
    'I am not I, if there be such an 'ay'' (Juliet's use of punning. Has just found out that her husband killed her cousin and that he has been banished, yet she is using wordplay. Almost hysterical.
    'Beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical!' (Dramatic change in emotion. Switches from punning to oxymorons. Indicative of the turmoil of her emotions suffered due to her love for Romeo and the confusion caused in her mind.

    'O loving hate...O heavy lightness, serious vanity' (Romeo using oxymorons and dichotomous imagery to express his inner turmoil and conflict - a result of an overzealous love (Rosaline doesn't love him back))
    'Tell me in sadness, who is that you love'
    'What, shall I groan and tell thee?' (Romeo using puns when replying to Benvolio's question of who he loves at the start of the play (Rosaline))
    'Forget to think of her...teach me to forget' (Romeo talking about Rosaline)
    'She doth teach the torches to shine bright' (Romeo's rehearsed imagery. Describing Juliet's beauty through a conceit)
    'Did my heart love till now? (Extending on from previous point. Also, shows love may not be genuine, as he seems to have forgotten about Rosaline'

    'O that she were an open arse, thou a pop'rin pear' (Mercutio using crude imagery to describe sexual intercourse)
    'Ask for me tomorrow you will find me a grave man' (Mercutio's use of puns & wordplay even as he is dying. Comical character)

    I didn't do too much on Mercutio, as he is the character that came up last summer. There hasn't yet been a question on love or Juliet, so those are quite likely to come up. I've given you about 15 quotes. I would go and look for a few more though. It took me nearly 45 minutes to write this and I don't really have time to write more. Still good revision though :P

    Good luck on Tuesday!
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    Thanks alot I much appreciate the help, and Ill be sure to revise these quotes. Anyone else have any other important quotes that one should know!

    Thank you such for your help. I really appreciate it.
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Updated: May 21, 2016
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