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Does anyone have any advice for coping with anxiety alone? Watch

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    This got long I'm sorry for rambling; feel free to ignore it all and just answer the thread title.

    Essentially I am self-diagnosing here, and I apologise if that offends anyone, but I can't see myself picking up the courage to tell my parents or go to the doctors anytime soon so I'll just say I have anxiety. I'm fairly sure I do, anyway.
    My life is just one long stream of worrying and I'm honestly getting to the end of my tether. I worry about absolutely ridiculous, trivial things and I can feel myself being idiotic - for example there have been numerous nights where I have stayed awake in bed worrying about things like getting picked on for an answer in class (which is my worst nightmare honestly, even when I know the answer words get stuck in my throat and I can't say anything), or making eye contact, or homework that I know isn't even going to matter, and, God, this all sounds stupid. I'm currently sitting my GCSEs and I think that has increased my worrying tenfold; I can't think past it.
    I haven't left my house apart from for school and forced family things for a year and that isn't even an exaggeration. I can't talk to teachers or ask for help with work or, using an example which happened this week, go to the exam office to ask if it's possible to cancel a resit. I had a PE lesson and one of the teachers made me go up to school to speak to another teacher but I just sat in the toilets and had a near-enough meltdown because I can't do simple, human things. I can't breathe. I want to throw up 90% of the time. And probably the worst part for me because I'm so bad at maintaining friendships due to it is I can't even have proper internet friendships either - I can't start conversations and the last time I tried to call someone on skype I had a panic attack and I just want this to end. A few years ago I wasn't like this. Everyone else is getting more confident and I'm becoming this anxious shell of a human.
    It's a vicious cycle, too, because I worry about my family finding out, so I can't tell them. And I can't leave my house because I can't walk down streets and get on buses, which rules out going to the doctors alone (I may consider doing this in a few months when I have free periods at sixth form, but then again I probably won't, unless they can just shove tablets into me to make me a normal human being). My mum told me she was "worried about me" a few weeks ago but that was all she said so she either doesn't care or doesn't notice and I'm not blaming her for that but it's frustrating because I feel like I'm going to explode (but then of course I won't, because that would mean I wouldn't be able to blend into the background like I try my hardest to do).

    Basically I can't cope. I can't cope and I can't see myself getting help. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips or anything, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    TSR Support Team
    There's a while load of advice online for how to cope with anxiety. I'd suggest you look at Mind and Sane in particular.

    The advantage with telling somebody, a professional especially, is that they can give you help and support. You can even get special consideration or rest breaks in exams for this sort of thing.
    Try to work up the courage to tell somebody but take it at your own pace. You can often get a phone appointment which may hell you if you have issues with getting around using public transport.

    I'm afraid I don't have much advice in particular for you because I don't have as much experience with anxiety but a lot of the online info is really helpful so just keep looking into it. If you have particular issues with panic attack-like anxieties (which I think a lot of people with anxiety do) then breathing exercises could be a good thing to look into. Mindfulness is also a technique I've heard a lot about from people with anxiety and professionals alike so that could also be something to find out more about.

    Best wishes an hope you can find some useful advice x

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    During GCSES I felt stressed all the time like to the point I actually felt sick and not being great with time management didn't help, I think its just exams as I had about 30ish in one sitting. Since A-level with fewer exams and more time to rpepare for them all I feel don't cope much better, I think its normal just adjusting to exams and with time you'll cope better.
    I'd recommend making a time table, having a sporting/physical hobby -always help and take breaks whenever you feel stressed just remember its not the end of the world!! honestly, I thought GCSES were hate the most important thing ever, but when you're studying after that you look back and realise it wasn't worth stressing over thats a promise!
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Updated: May 16, 2013
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