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    Hey, can anyone give me feedback on my Argumentative essay please?
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    2b) The world is changed by the small actions of ordinary people, not by the big actions of important people.’ Discuss this claim.

    Thomas Edison – the creator of light. Alberto Einstein – the founder of Mathematics. Imagine a world of darkness, where the only source of light were candles and flames, or a world where Mathematics didn’t exist. These ‘important’ people have brought about one of the greatest changes to our world, making it a better place for us living in it, while we ordinary people sit at home in front of the television, waiting for these people to continue changing our world. However, have you ever considered that the actions of ordinary people can actually make a difference?

    When we hear of stories about scientists who have uncovered the world’s secrets and mysteries, or made a new discovery that bring about changes in our lives, we feel proud of the achievements humankind has made. Though deep down, we sometimes feel demotivated and even helpless sometimes, thinking that the things we normal people do can never bring about such changes in the world. This is not true. Ordinary people can change the world.

    We are all humans, and are all equally important. There’s no reason why ordinary people are not able to make a differences. Though the actions we do may feel minimal and useless, but we might not be aware that we are actually altering the world, one step at a time. If we normal people do things in unity and with teamwork, eventually over time, changes would start to reveal in the world. However, without teamwork, changes would come about much slower. For example, an ant trying to build its nest in the ground, if it works alone, it would seem to take forever to complete it. With a hundred ants, or even a thousand working together, something that seems impossible can be achieved.

    Yes, actions of these ‘important’ people have changed our world in terms of human civilization through discoveries and so on. However, those are only ‘physical’ changes. The genuine change in the world can be seen through small acts of kindness carried out by normal people. Ordinary people who have helped people in need, or in some way contributed to society are what bring about genuine changes to the world. In the eyes of people in poverty or people going through a difficult phase in life, the world is cruel. Changes made by important people such as the discovery of atomy facts don’t matter to them. On the other hand, if they receive help, compassion and kindness from others, this will touch their hearts, and might change their whole perspective on the world.
    Our world needs change. Physical changes such as more discoveries and diagnoses to diseases are necessary, but a larger change is required; which is a change in poverty, inequality, and unfairness. Ordinary people should not feel helpless or ‘unimportant’; instead, we should all play our small roles in bringing a better change for our world.
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