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    I have my c2 exam tomorrow and I'm just going over questions I can't lost marks on. Could anyone please show detailed working of these questions/ any of them you can. I understand the theory I just can't get all the right answers. Name:  ImageUploadedByStudent Room1368732827.753608.jpg
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Size:  50.5 KB. Any help would be appreciated I haven't go much time left before tomorrow!! Thanks in advance.

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    11 ii) seems like something where you have to find the lowest common multiple between two equations. Which paper is this on?

    10) i did this one today, it was a weird one:
    what they want to test is your knowledge of sin curves, imagine a sine curve, then for t1, move that curve 180 degress to the right, now all the values of sin will be of the popposite sign, so at sin(90) = 1 is now sin(90 +180) = sin(270) = -1 so t1 is equivlent to -sin

    For the t2 you need to show that you know that any theta value on a sine/cos/tan curve +360 degress will be the same value. so it is just sin

    for the written one:
    check your trig identities, we that tanθ = sinθ/cosθ
    → sinθ/cosθ = 2sinθ
    → sinθ = 2sinθ*cosθ
    → 0 = 2sinθ*cosθ - sinθ
    take out sinθ:
    → sinθ(2cosθ - 1)

    sinθ = 0
    cosθ = 1/2

    → sin-1 (0) = 0 and 180
    →cos-1 (1/2) = 60 and 330

    what i like to do with these types of questions is treat cosθ and sinθ as Y and X and solve it that way once you've got your trig identities figured out.
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    Brilliant thank you, you've made me less stressed haha! I was just stuck on why t1 was -sin but if you draw the curve and shift it 180 to the right it becomes the opposite of it so it is negative. The question 11 was on the June 2012 paper! I got to the point of the ratio but I couldn't figure out why it was ^n-2. My answer was ^n-1

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