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help!comments!anything!pleaase :/ watch

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    i feel a bit stupid writing this but i've gotta get it off my chest i don't know why i can't stop thinking about him maybe it's because he's really successeful and i look up to him,maybe because we share the same point of view about many issues, maybe because we have a very strong, maybe because he knows way more than i do or maybe it's just chemistry.

    Today we were in class and our professor asked about the name of the instructor of a certain suject (the name of this professor i kinda like) it never happened to me when mentioning him but today my hart was beating really fast when mentioning his name.
    Surprisingly when i got out of class i glanced at him. i didn't even know he works today! he's no oil painting but today he looked stunning( i thought he looked very good but my heart wasn't beating fast or anything except from that i didn't want him to see me cuz i wasn't looking good at all! well...that's what i always think about myself ).I'm sure he didn't see me but i did.

    The point is that i hate feeling this way about him.i know i'm not supposed to do this but i can't help it.when we meet i feel nothing towards him. i act very professionally but once the course's done i just can't help but think about him not in a physical way but he's always on my mine. i always have so much to do but he's always on my mind :/ .
    Tbh at first i used to hate him and he didn't like me too because he thought i was arrogant,and that i think i'm very smart... but when he found out that i'm not like that he started treating me in a really nice way and that is what makes it even worse.Nothing happens in class unless i agree on it otherwise he'll change it and he always gives me what i want(for ex if i and another student choose to work on the same topic he neglects the other student and gives me what i want),he always asks me to work on topics even though i never volounteer while there are many others who wanna do it and keep raising their hands but he always picks me.sometimes i'm like : well...maybe i'm his fav student that's why but even if i were his fav student why would he always neglect others and give me what i want?

    I forgot to mention sth : at first he used to always look at me while explaining,right after he cracks a joke or make a suggestion but one day he started totallty ignoring me,he didn't look at me even once but kept giving me what i want.i dunno i'm confused but it would be flattering if he has a crush on me even though i know i can't have a relationship with him...i believe that's it for this story i just wanted to get these words/thoughts off my chest cuz i have nobody who would listen to and not judge me.

    so...do u think he has a crush on me from what i mentioned about him? and what should i do to get him out of my mind?

    i honestly have no idea if he likes you or not but as for getting him out of your head... why do you need to get him out of your head? If it's to get work done I usually find if I have a certain to-do list with times and everything set etc I actually do what I am supposed to do without concentrating on anything else because I'm set to a schedule... but when you don't need to do stuff why is it so bad thinking of him if you know nothing can happen between you two anyway, its ok to have a bit of a daydream.
    If the fact you hate thinking about him is because it could be considered to be kind of wrong, again I wouldn't even worry about it. Think about how many people out there do things that are like eighty thousand billions times more worse and 'wrong' than what you are doing and don't even think about it... doesn't seem so bad now does it? Especially because you aren't actually doing anything and you are actually thinking about it. So it's fine. Dont even worry.
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