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Don Quixote
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Maybe a man called Jesus did exist but he definitely did not turn bread into wine or whatever, its just religious bull**** aimed at controlling very gullible and needy people. If the Church taught morals and kept religious, impossible bull**** dogma out of it, I would have more respect for it. Attending a Catholic college though (I'm Protestant, they let me in for my grades), It makes me sick the bull**** they come out with.

A book 2000 years old is irrelevant to a world as developed as this, with such a dense population. A bible teaching about global warming and CFC gases would be much more beneficial than the 'good book'

Yes, I also agree that time and people wanting to believe in a messiah have influenced and distorted details of the bible, making it a bag of ****. I wish the Church would die, I would really like to see how people cope without it.
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[QUOTE=godthebuilder]what do u think about the bible[/QUOTE
:rolleyes: you can't say "is jesus real." it depends on your religion & it's a waste of time starting the debate because you will be no better off.
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