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    How are different types of journeys presented in KT?

    Samuels shows the journey of mainly packing and leaving children or people moving or getting sent away. The core theme of this play is separation which shows how mainly everything will be related to people separating away from each other. It links in with the title 'kinder' Samuels is implying that it will be mainly children getting torn apart from their families.

    The first line in the play implies the separation we will experience of a mother and daughter. It is unnatural for a parent and child to be separated but Samuels is showing us how during the ww2 nothing was right, it was a tragedy. "What's an abyss, mutti" the fact that abyss and mutti are in the same sentence is an indication of how Eva will experience the journey of life separately and away from her mother. And abyss is a dark hole and its an image of space and this first line of the play is telling us that helga and Eva will no longer remain together. Kindertransport this implies that Eva will be going on the kindertransport the KT is the dark imagery where Eva will be travelling to.

    There is a image of past and present shown in the book. In the past Eva is going away and being usually separated from her mother. She is being torn apart from her parent which is not normal. However faith is moving away from her mother and going on a much calmer journey to university. Again Eva/Evelyn are being torn apart from there loved ones. "You have to be able to manage on your own" helga to Eva. "Do you really want me to go" faith t Evelyn. Both journeys are moving away and departing from your loved ones but Eva's is way more crucial than faiths. Eva is being departed not knowing if shel see her mother again but faith is confident that she will see her mother again as she can always come back and visit but Eva cannot she's being thrown out of her country she's being forced to onto the KT. But faith has a choice as she changes her mind many times on whether she warns to go or not. She is going on the journey of her choice. Samuels is showing us how life was like in Germany and England. Things were a lot more laid back in England, Samuels is also showing us how Evelyn/Eva has had to experience this journey of separation twice in her life the first one was that she couldn't Really understand why she was getting take away but faith moving away from Evelyn was hurting her as she experienced that as a child but in a less traumatic way.

    The multi role of the ratcatcher shows the journey of families being torn apart from each other. The ratcatcher could be hitler sending the Jews away. It could also be the KT sending the children away. "Happy hamlyn after the rats had been lead away" Both of these are relative hitler as the ratcatcher is tearing the children apart from there families. The kindertransport is the device that hitler is using to send away the children. The journey of the KT is that mainly the children don't know why they are getting sent away as Eva had no clue. She had to adapt to a new lifestyle a new identity. The ratcatcher is hitler and KT because hitler is the creator of sending of away the Jews but the KT is leading the Jews out the country the quote is telling us how hitler is proud of the work that he has done. The KT was very tight spaced and the children didn't have much room, the rats are implying the children as they were treated just as bad as rats the journey from Germany to London on a tight spaced train would have Been hard for them this journey that has represented is tough Samuels is linking the KT and hitler tightly together and explaining to us how hard it would've been for children as they were getting treated so poorly.

    Another theme represented in this play is abandonment. The theme is mainly showing showing us how Eva had been abandoned from her mother, but her mother didn't have the choice. When Eva arrives in England we see Lil being late for picking Eva up and Eva feels as though she has been abandoned she feels pity for herself and starts to panic as she is 9 year old that has been torn apart from her mother. Samuels is showing the traumatic experience for Many children but on Eva's point of view "no ones coming to me me" Eva asks the organiser why she no one has came to meet her and straight from her we see that she is traumatised she doesn't wasn't to be left alone her journey of life as a child explains to us how Evelyn has become the locked up person that she is as she has been so terribly hurt in the past and her childhood was continuous of not being able to spend time with her biological mother - her present self Evelyn is a torn up person she has lack of empathy she keeps all her documents to prove she is a English citizen. She wants to feel like she belongs as her childhood has kicked her out of her country where she belongs. Samuels is showing us that your childhood impacts who you are as a person in the future. Evelyn has a fear of being abdonned as her journey as child was being thrown out and not she didn't belong to her own country.

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